Junior Ranger Programs: Washington DC Activities

Photo courtesy of the National Park Service

Looking for a way to engage your kids in learning about American history when visiting Washington DC? Junior Ranger programs offer a fun way for kids ages 6-14 to learn about the history of America’s National Parks. Through special activities, games and puzzles, participants learn all about a specific national park and earn badges, patches, pins, and/or stickers. Interpretive presentations and walks, special events, and guided tours are offered at select times during the year. Junior Ranger programs are offered at about 286 of the 388 national parks, in collaboration with local school districts and community organizations.

While visiting one of Washington DC's National Park locations, pick up a Junior Ranger Activity Booklet and then return it to the visitor center to receive your award when you’ve completed the activities.

Junior Ranger Pledge

“I, (fill in name), am proud to be a National Park Service Junior Ranger. I promise to appreciate, respect, and protect all national parks. I also promise to continue learning about the landscape, plants, animals and history of these special places. I will share what I learn with my friends and family.”

Junior Ranger Programs in the Washington, DC Capital Region

For more information about Junior Ranger programs, see Sam Maslow’s website. He’s completed over 260 of them!

Web Rangers – A National Park Service Website for Kids

The National Park Service has a Web Ranger site for children ages 6 to 13 that contains puzzles, games and stories based on America’s natural and cultural heritage. Kids might learn how to guide sea turtles to the ocean, pack a dog sled, place defensive forts in position, and decipher flag signals. Students from around the world can participate. The online program gives access to the parks to kids who may not be able to participate in a Junior Ranger Program.

The web ranger address is www.nps.gov/webrangers