Juneyao Airlines Is a Discount Airline Serving China Based in Shanghai

Juneyao Aircraft

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Mainland China has a large number of domestic airline companies that provide service all over the country. Sometimes you do not have a choice in your booking options but sometimes you do. If you do, it is nice to know something about the airline you might be flying.

Juneyao Airlines is an air carrier that is based in Shanghai. It operates flights out of Shanghai Hong Qiao International Airport (Airport code SHA) and Shanghai Pudong International Airport (Airport code PVG).

Juneyao's Airline code is HO.

Checking In

Check-in service at domestic airlines in China is hairy at best, chaos at worst. While lines are meant to be formed, there's a lot of jostling and pushing going on. And no matter what the weight requirements, it looks like everyone else checking in is gratuitously over the limit. Yet, it all works somehow.


Boarding the Juneyao plane in Shanghai is smooth and easy. It pays to be at the head of the boarding line on domestic flights to ensure you find overhead compartment space. (This goes for any airline you fly in China.)

There is a nominal effort to allow people with special needs to board first but basically, boarding is a semi-controlled free-for-all.

First Class in Juneyao Airplanes

We walked through the three rows of first-class seats in the aircraft. The seats looked like Lazy-Boy recliners with little cushions to emphasize their superior comfort to coach.

Economy Class in Juneyao Airplanes

Economy class seats are as you would imagine. They are standard economy-class seats with no special frills.

In-Flight Entertainment

Juneyoa airplanes are equipped with TVs that folded out of the upper part of the cabin but no earphones are provided to hear what's being played.

The Juneyao signature magazine is published mostly in Chinese but some interesting articles are translated into English at the back of the magazine.

In-Flight Service

In-flight food is something to be avoided in all cases on domestic airlines in China, Juneyao being no exception. Juneyao serves tea, water, juices and soft drinks on flights. Alcohol is not served in economy cabins on domestic flights in China. Chinese newspapers are available at boarding.

The flight attendants are very pleasant and helpful.


The Juneyao flight and service are very satisfactory. Juneyao Airlines is a discount airline operating out of Shanghai so their prices are sometimes better than other, larger, airline companies such as Shanghai Airlines, Air China or China Eastern Airlines. Given their discount status, however, you are unlikely to notice any difference in service or aircraft amenities to other, "non-discount" airlines.

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