June Weather in the US

The Grand Canyon in summer

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Looking for a perfect summer getaway? Whether you’re trying to beat the heat or visit the hottest U.S. cities, we’ve got all the weather information you’ll need to plan your perfect trip. From beaches to national parks to urban getaways, you can pretty much do it all in June in the United States. Try hiking, take surfing lessons, go on a wine tour, or see a music festival. Sample an outdoor barbecue or bike around some scenic byways. Rent a camper van and take a road trip. June is the time to enjoy the great outdoors, and all that this beautiful country has to offer.


Temperatures are warm to hot in most places around the United States by June. You’ll usually be sweating away during the day in June and nights offer cooler temperatures to help you relax. But June 1 also signals the beginning of hurricane season, for both the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific. Both hurricane seasons last until November 30. In general, there is more potential for hurricanes that form in the Atlantic Ocean to make landfall in the coastal states, from Florida to Maine, as well as along the Gulf Coast states, such as Texas and Louisiana. Bottom line, if you're planning a beach vacation, be aware of the potential for hurricanes from June to November. Major hurricanes will be discussed on the news, so you should be able to prepare if you are planning a trip to one of these areas.

Elsewhere, June sees hot, dry daytime temperatures in the Southwest and desert regions, with very cool evening temperatures. If you're touring a few places, June is a great month to see the variety of weather in popular US cities. 


Keep in mind that June is the beginning of summer for most people: kids get out of school and many people may be planning family vacations or may be having family reunions. June is also a popular wedding month in the U.S. so many people may be traveling to these celebrations—especially for popular destination weddings. If you’re looking for a hot-weather vacation, you might want to get away to Las Vegas, Florida, New Orleans, or Hawaii. However, if you’re trying to stay cool, there are plenty of cities to visit for more moderate temperatures, such as San Francisco or Chicago. No matter what kind of trip you choose, you should be able to find a great place to visit somewhere in the United States.


At a glance: average June temperatures for our top 10 tourist destinations in the United States (High / Low):

  • New York City: 80 F / 64 F (26 C / 18 C)
  • Los Angeles: 73 F / 58 F (23 C / 14 C)
  • Chicago: 75 F / 60 F (24 C / 16 C)
  • Washington, DC: 83 F / 63 F (28 C / 17 C)
  • Las Vegas: 99 F / 75 F (37 C / 24 C)
  • San Francisco: 60 F / 47 F (16 C / 8 C)
  • Hawaii: 87 F / 73 F (31 C / 23 C)*
  • Grand Canyon: 81 F / 42 F (27 C / 6 C)
  • Florida: 91 F / 73 F (32.7 C / 23 C)**
  • New Orleans: 89 F / 74 F (32 C / 23 C)

*average temp given for Honolulu, Hawaii

**average temp given for Orlando, Florida

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