June Weather in Las Vegas; What To Expect

Average Temperatures in Las Vegas During The Month of June

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Las Vegas weather in June is perfect for working on your summer color with a few hours at a swimming pool. Take an evening walk as the temperatures dip below the triple digits. Yes, you will get some 100 degree days but you can still get some really nice days in the high eighties.

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June is that time of the year when the kids are out of school and the travel bug inside of you begins to think about roaming free.

In Las Vegas, June means warm weather and pool parties. The temperatures are not ridiculous yet but they do call for plenty of water and plenty of shade. Golf should be considered early or late and if you head to the pool make sure to load up on the SPF.  Room rates start dipping into affordable levels for the expensive properties and the cheap hotels are practically giving away vacations.

Average Temperatures in June in Las Vegas

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Favorite things to do this month from the 100 Things to do in Las Vegas page:

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Pool Season in June in Las Vegas?
Yes, it is pool season but you need to be aware that it will get very warm.

Drink plenty of fluids while basking in the Las Vegas sun. By fluids, you should have just as much water as you do alcohol because the sun can bake you out by the pool. This is the perfect time of the year for the pools because it is before the summer vacation crowds and the uncomfortable extreme heat of mid-summer.

Find a pool in Las Vegas and engage your Las Vegas sun worshiping personality.

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Walking Weather in June in Las Vegas?
Early morning good, afternoon hot and not as pleasant.

Golf Conditions in June in Las Vegas?
Grab an early time or suck it up and play in the heat. Still not ugly hot like August but there are some days where you will develop a sweat.

Do you need real-time weather? Check this list of resources for Las Vegas weather right at this moment.

Perfect attractions in June in Las Vegas:
Try an afternoon meal at any of the number of places that give you a good look at the Las Vegas strip at night. So many people on the street and so many ways to waste the evening away that you might forget about the expensive club you were going to. Outdoor meals at The Park Las Vegas are good as the giant mist machines will keep you cool and the cold drinks will loosen you up.

If your budget can handle it have a meal out on the patio at Costa Di Mare at Wynn Las Vegas.

There is no better setting for an outdoor evening meal in Las Vegas.

Possible day trips in June in Las Vegas:
Did someone say, Lake Mead? Take a ride over to the Lake Mead and rent some form of watercraft. It is a very Un-Vegas attraction, go ahead and you might have the fun that typical visitors do not have.

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