June in New York City

Weather and Events Guide

Mature man running along waterfront, New York, USA
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June is a wonderful time to visit New York City—the weather is warm, but not usually terribly hot, and the crowds of summer vacationers have yet to invade the city. Some of the city's well-known summer events begin in June, so you can enjoy a lot of the benefits of summer in the city without the downsides! Sports fans can get tickets to see opening day games at Citifield (home of the NY Mets) or Yankee Stadium. The second Tuesday in June visitors and locals alike can enjoy the free Museum Mile Festival and access some of NYC's great museums for free!

June Weather

  • Average High: 79°F (26°C)
  • Average Low: 64°F (18°C)
  • June's warm weather welcomes visitors who want to enjoy walking the streets of New York City and visiting some of its great parks and the many exciting summer activities in the city.

What to Wear and Pack

  • Pack an umbrella.
  • A sweater, windbreaker or light jacket for layering when it gets cool out.
  • Closed toe shoes, comfortable for walking and water-resistant if possible.
  • A picnic blanket is great if you want to check out some of the free concerts and movies.
  • It's best to pack for a range of temperatures since it can be cool in the morning/evening, but quite warm during mid-day. Of course, it can also be cool inside museums and stores, so having a light layer to put on can greatly increase your comfort.
  • Although casual clothes such as shorts and t-shirts are fine for visiting most tourist attractions, you might want to pack slacks or dresses if you're planning to include any nicer dinners on your itinerary.

June Perks

  • Warm weather for visiting New York City, but not as hot as the rest of summer
  • Perfect time of year for New York's many walking tours, including some of the Best NYC Walking tours and many free NYC walking tours
  • The annual Museum Mile Festival
  • Many summer concerts and outdoor film festivals to see (most of which are free!)
  • Depending on the year, Restaurant Week can start in June, so you can enjoy the opportunity to try some of New York City's restaurants at bargain prices. Check out our tips for participating in Restaurant Week if you're looking for advice.

    June Cons

    • warmer weather
    • more crowds, especially later in the month when schools are out

    Good to Know

    • If you want to go to any of the movies or free concerts in New York City parks, bring a blanket and pack a picnic dinner—you can even bring some wine and beer if you're discrete. It's a great experience and truly gives you a taste of being a local New Yorker.

    June Highlights/Events