June Events in Paris: Highlights

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Fete de la Musique is a beloved free music festival in Paris each June 21st.
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Sources: Paris Convention and Visitors Office, Paris Mayor's Office

Festivals and Seasonal Events

  • The 2018 French Open at Roland Garros
    Tennis fans should not miss one of France's most exciting and important tournaments. Tennis greats like Steffi Graf made their debuts at Roland Garros, and the French Open continues to host some of the world's unforgettable matches.
    When: Through June 10th, the 2018 French Open at Roland Garros takes Paris by storm.
  • June 21st: Fête de la Musique (Free Citywide Music Festival)
    Every June 21st, free musical performances of all genres are on across the city, making for one of the year's liveliest and most convivial events.
  • Through June 8th: The Saint-Germain-des-Prés Jazz Festival
    The city's most famous annual jazz festival will take the St. Germain neighborhood by storm for the 11th year running this month. Enthusiasts of the genre should reserve a day or two for this popular event.
    Metro: St. Germain des Prés
  • June 20th: Gay Pride Paris (Marché des Fiertés 2018)
    A celebration of diversity in all its forms will take the streets of Paris by storm in a colorful and joyful festival, followed by a full open-air dance party. This year's event starts at 2pm and leaves from around the Place de la Concorde. More details are to follow.
    Visit this site for full details on this year's parade and other events 

Arts and Exhibits Highlights:

From Calder to Koons: The Artist as Jeweler 

Jewelry is, perhaps wrongly so, considered by most to be a "craft" rather than "high art". This show challenges those highbrow-lowbrow distinctions with a look at remarkable jewellery designed by major artists, from Pablo Picasso to Alexander Calder and Jeff Koons. To paraphrase the elusive street artist Bansky, you may find it difficult to find your exit from the gift shop, after visiting this show...

Venice in the Time of Vivaldi and Tieplo 

Seen by many as the great city that might disappear underwater in the coming decades due to rising sea levels, Venice is a city that has inspired artistic imaginations for centuries. In tribute to that rich artistic legacy, the Grand Palais is running a monumental exposition exploring the "floating city" and the art that has been made in and around it. A true multidisciplinary show bringing together media from painting to sculpture and music, the exhibit highlights work from painters such as  Piazzetta and Giambattista Tiepolo; sculptors including Brustolon and Corroding; and music from Italian composers such as Vivaldi. Live performances will be held for several weeks of the exhibition, making it a genuine draw card for lovers of the arts.  

Chagall, Lissitzky, Malevich: Russian Avant-Garde Painting of the Early 20th Century

Marc Chagall, the Russian artist who would eventually become a French citizen, was one of the primary figures of the Vitebsk school, alongside his contemporaries El Lissitzky and Kasimir Malevich. This distinctive avant-garde artistic movement sprung up between World War I and World War II and would go on to influence artistic practices across Europe. The Centre Georges Pompidou's sweeping retrospective of Chagall, Lissitzky and Malevich-- featuring some 250 works of art from these key figures and their students-- has been one of this year's most successful and lauded shows, and is certainly well worth a look for anyone seeking to better understand the major currents of 20th-century art. 

For a more complete program of shows exhibits worth seeing in June, including those held at smaller galleries around town, consider visiting this page at Time Out Paris.

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