What's the Weather Like in Portugal in July?

Find Out About the Weather in Portugal in July

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July, along with August, is one of the warmest months in Portugal. Temperatures are great for all of Portugal's beaches and coastal areas are typically warm and sunny. Away from the coast can really heat up too, like in the Duoro Valley. Below, you'll find median temperatures by region for the month of July, as well as what you can get up to if you're visiting in the summer months. 

Lisbon: The Sunshine in the Capital

July is certainly warm and sunny in Lisbon.

It makes for one of the best months to visit the city's surrounding beaches, so definitely pack a swimsuit if you find yourself there at the height of summer. Be aware though temperatures can drop to as low as 15°C at night, so it never hurts to prepare for these possible fluctuations.

  • The average maximum temperature in Lisbon in July is 81.5 F/27.5 C.
  • The average minimum is 64.22 F/17.9 C.
  • The average rainfall in July in Lisbon is 6.1mm/0.24''.

Lisbon is a great city to visit in general but is extra fun when the weather is agreeable and you want to spend most of your time outside. If you've never been to Lisbon before, read up on our Top Ten Things to Do in Lisbon post. If you're the athletic type, you can even take a surf course and hit the waves!

If you're staying for a while, make sure to book a hotel in advance to save money and avoid a potential headache down the line. Lisbon is very popular with tourists in the summer, so planning ahead is key to a stress-free holiday.

Take a Wine Tour in Porto

July is one of Porto's sunniest months making it very comfortable for terrace dining or sipping on a port outside one of the wine cellars. Temperatures have gotten as high as 38 C and as low as 11 C but on average temps are comfortable.

  • The average maximum temperature in Porto in July is 77 F/25 C.
  • The average minimum is 59.9 F/15.5 C.
  • The average rainfall in July in Porto is 18.3mm/0.72''.

Not sure of what to do in Porto? Here are the top 10 things to do in the city.

You'll probably have guessed from the name that Porto is the home of port—the fortified wine that was invented in the area. There are many opportunities to book port-tasting tours around the city, which we highly recommend if you're a wine aficionado. 

There are many affordable accommodations in the city—TripAdvisor has a great list if you need to do a spot of research before planning your trip.

Hit the Beach in Algarve

It's all about the sea, surf, and the sun in Algarve in the summer, and the temperature is ideal to enjoy its many beaches. Temps have gotten as high as 36 C and as low as 16 C, so it never hurts to bring a light layer for possible cool nights.

  • The average maximum temperature in the Algarve in July is 84.2 F/29 C.
  • The average minimum is 64.76 F/18.2 C.
  • The average rainfall in July in Faro is 1.9mm/0.07''.

Heat Things Up in the Douro Valley

As with everywhere else in Portugal, July brings sunny days to the Valley which can make viewing the winery terraces ideal. Temperatures can rise high here, so make sure to bring that sunscreen and a floppy hat for maximum protection/comfort.

Again, if the wine is your thing, why not book a full-day wine tour? Much like Porto, the entire Douro Valley in the heart of Portugal's wine country, and summer is a perfect time to sample all it has to offer.

  • The average maximum temperature in Vila Real in July is 83.66 F/28.7 C.
  • The average minimum is 57.92 F/14.4 C.
  • The average rainfall in July in Vila Real is 17.1mm/0.67''.

Enjoy Peak Summer in Portugal

So at this point, we take it you've noticed a pattern: summer is the best time to visit Portugal! If you're interesting in exploring other areas of Portugal in July, here are some links that may help