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Average Temperatures in July in Las Vegas

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It might be hot. No, it probably will be hot. What I am trying to say is that July in Las Vegas can be uncomfortable hot. However, I love July in Las Vegas because the pools are just huge centers of activity with long days with music, cocktails and sun ray worshiping. Evenings are warm but you know they say it is a dry heat so you'll enjoy an evening stroll out to dinner or just looking at the lights as you hop from casino to casino or bar to bar.

Hit an indoor/outdoor nightclub like Omnia or Surrender or watch the fountains from out front of Bellagio Las Vegas.  I would not recommend long outdoor activities aside from the swimming pools in the middle of the day as the heat only works well when you have an option to duck into an air conditioned room.

TIP: When you are at the pool enjoying those adult beverages makes sure to drink plenty of water. Dehydration is a bad way to ruin a vacation.

Average Temperatures in July in Las Vegas

  • Average High Temperature in July in Las Vegas: 106 F (41.1 C)
  • Average Low Temperature in July in Las Vegas: 76 F (24.4 C)
  • Average Rainfall in July in Las Vegas: .35”
  • Average Humidity in July in Las Vegas: 24%

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Pool Season in July in Las Vegas?

It is pool season when July comes around; in fact you’ll find it hard to stay out of the pool. When the sun blazes down on you, you’ll dry off in an instant. Your tan will be deep and the pool will be the place to spend a few hours before you retreat to air conditioned bliss elsewhere.

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Walking Weather in July in Las Vegas?
Early morning walks are best however, if you do a casino walk where you go in and out of each hotel you might make the trip up and down the entire strip. Water is extremely important and it should be in abundance. Sunscreen is a no brainer as is plenty of rest spots to get out of the heat.

Golf Conditions in July in Las Vegas?
Play early and take advantage of the summer golf deals.

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Perfect attractions in July in Las Vegas:
Pool in the morning and long, cool lunches within the comfort of the air conditioning of the resort.

Possible day trips in July in Las Vegas: Take a walk to the spa and get a massage instead. I’m not sure if you really want to be in a car in the middle of summer. If you really feel like driving go up to Mt. Charleston where the temperatures are far more pleasant ot take a drive to Lake Mead and jump in a man made lake that sits behind Hoover Dam.

Something you should know about July in Las Vegas:
The nights are still warm so if you find yourself walking around at midnight you might still work up a sweat.

Drink plenty of water.


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No matter what you do you are going to find out that you don't mind the heat at all. You'll soon discover that a trip to Las Vegas during the middle of July is as god as it gets. It's the heat mixed in with the energy of the summer season.



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