July Events, Festivals, and Holidays in the USA

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July is a busy and exciting time in the United States. With many children off of school for their summer vacation, it is a popular time for families to travel. No matter where you choose to visit in July, you're bound to experience an exciting festival or some delicious summer foods! If you're in the United States for July, be sure to get a few scoops of ice cream from a local scoop shop: The United States does ice cream perfectly and there's no better time for a cone than in the middle of the summer.

July is also a popular time to head to the beach to work on your tan or, if you aren't a big fan of the heat, to head up to the Northern parts of the country to enjoy some slightly cooler temperatures. July offers a lot of festivals and events-- be sure to make the most of them! 

There are several food-related festivals and events in July. However, the biggest July celebration is the 4th of July or Independence Day. Here are the major festivals and events that happen each July in the USA.

July 4th: Independence Day. This is one of the biggest holidays in the U.S. All government offices, banks, and many stores will be closed on this day. While every town in the country will hold some sort of fair, festival, or parade on this day, cities such as Washington, DC, New York City, and Boston have the biggest July 4th celebrations. It is traditional for many neighborhoods to host barbecues and set off fireworks on this holiday.

Most towns and smaller cities in the country celebrate in their own unique way. Both Boston and Washington, DC have big concert celebrations on the Fourth of July. No matter where you are in the country, people will definitely be celebrating this major holiday! 

Late June/Early July: New York Restaurant Week. New York may be known for pizza and bagels, but a good reason many tourists flock to New York year-round is for the world-class dining, which features eateries serving dishes from all types of cuisines.

Twice a year, for two weeks from January to February and two weeks from June to July, food lovers have the chance to dine at some of the best restaurants in the city for a bargain ​prix fixe price. This often means you can sample lots of meals in a big group, all for a reasonable price. This week is meant to encourage New Yorkers to eat out and enjoy fine dining and it's perfect for anyone visiting the city. If you're a foodie, planning your New York City trip around Restaurant Week is a no-brainer. Learn more about New York Restaurant Week from About's Guide to New York City Travel. See also June in the USA.

Mid-July: Taste of Chicago. Chicago's biggest event is the Taste of Chicago, a festival featuring food from dozens of the city's restaurants. The festivities take place in Grant Park and include music and other entertainment. Entry is free but the food and drinks are not. Chicago is famous for deep-dish pizza, the traditional Chicago-style hot dog, and Italian Beef. This festival allows visitors to explore and taste all of Chicago's favorite foods in one place! 

Mid-July: Bite of Seattle. The premier food festival in the Northwest United States, the Bite of Seattle is like a one-stop party with foods from dozens of local purveyors, beer and wine gardens, and musical entertainment.

There are delicious options from all of Seattle's local vendors. Seattle specializes in fresh salmon and coffee! Make sure you check it all out at this awesome festival. Learn more from our Guide to the Northwest or visit the official Bite of Seattle website.