Judy Hedding

Judy Hedding became a resident of the Phoenix metropolitan area in 1979. Since her move to Arizona, she's lived in several different communities: Phoenix (two different neighborhoods), Tempe, Mesa and Chandler (two different neighborhoods). The Valley of the Sun—the moniker by which the Greater Phoenix area is widely known—is huge, and Judy has watched this uncomplicated western town morph into one of largest metropolitan areas in the country.


Judy began writing about Phoenix for About.com beginning in 2000. In 2017 About.com Travel became TripSavvy. She has been quoted in publications such as The Arizona Republic and the Wall Street Journal, and participated in local radio shows and media events. She has traveled around Greater Phoenix documenting activities and local trends for residents, as well as for tourists and people considering relocating to the area.

Judy participated in many organizations and committees over the years, including various Greater Phoenix economic development efforts and business-related philanthropy. She is a Past District Governor, Arizona and Distinguished Toastmaster in the Toastmasters International organization.

Judy was a writer for TripSavvy until August 2017; to report any factual errors on her pages please email contact@TripSavvy.com.


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