Joshua Liberles

Josh Liberles is a professional writer and editor who's been proud to call Portland his home for the past seven years.


In the 14 years that Josh Liberles has spent as a freelance writer and editor, his career path has traced a unique course. He has been the editor of Cyclocross Magazine, an alternative transportation blog, and a fitness website; he contributed articles to many magazines, including VeloNews, Mountain Flyer and Mountain Gazette; and somewhere along the way he wrote the indexes of books ranging from ethics treatises to The History of Submarines. Josh also continues to race in -- and report on -- pro-level cycling events of all kinds. He has found an ideal base of operations in Portland, Oregon, where he busies himself with discovering the city's quirks and telling its stories.

Joshua Liberles

Portland offers a blend of qualities I've never seen replicated elsewhere. Name another place that offers some of the world's most exciting homegrown food, wine and beer; has one of the top music scenes in the country; offers outdoor enthusiasts rivers, towering mountains and an ocean within a short drive; takes the West Coast laid-back style to new heights; is the American Amsterdam of bike commuting; and does it all with a relatively low cost of living. Sure, it rains here, but without that bit of drear you can bet your pinot that the city's character would change dramatically. I look forward to digging further into my adopted hometown, and bringing you along for the ride.

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