Joe Cortez


Joe Cortez is the Travel Insurance and Safety Expert at An award winning journalist who has been featured on CNN and CBS, Joe has often said that he was born with a suitcase in his hands. Which couldn't be more true, as he spends his time traveling as much as budget will allow. Some of his most memorable trips include going to Germany as an exchange student in high school, his first trip to Niagara Falls, going behind the scenes with United Airlines at Star MegaDO 5, and his multiple trips abroad every year. 

For the past two years, Joe has worked for a travel insurance company, bringing his innate understanding of travel and situations travelers face to a new level. During his time, Joe helped to bring together better products for the consumer, as well as personally help travelers understand what travel insurance was, and how to decipher a policy.

With a detailed understanding of both travel insurance issues, as well as safety issues, Joe is prepared to bring that level of expertise to When not traveling to every part of the world, Joe lays his head in Columbus, Ohio, where he can usually be found at the airport, or at the golf course around the corner. 

Joe Cortez

Thanks for coming to my corner of the internet! I certainly hope that my topics and insight will help you plan the trip of a lifetime, while staying safe every step of the way. I'm on your side, and look forward to using this space to be your digital guide! Feel free to follow me on Twitter for more travel fun!

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