Essential Resources and Advice for Working in Hong Kong

Sunset over cityscape of Kowloon Peninsula and Hong Kong Island along the Victoria Harbour.
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Jobs in Hong Kong for expatriates have never been harder to find. The resources below are the best places to find a job in Hong Kong. They are all English language and specifically aimed at expats looking to move to the city.

The first section is a collection of internet job databases which are worth searching daily as jobs are regularly added.

Top tip: if a job says the Cantonese language is required, they mean it, and unless you speak the language fluently, you will likely be wasting your time in applying. The same goes for Mandarin. Remember, working in Hong Kong will also require work visa which means you'll need to find an employer willing to sponsor you. Again, this will usually be indicated in the advert.

Online Resources

  • English Speaking Jobs in Hong Kong: This article discusses what industries, jobs, and professions are open for expats moving to Hong Kong.
  • Jobs DB: The pick of the bunch is JobsDB, which has the largest selection of jobs and also the most accessible website, although not all of the jobs are exclusively aimed at expats.
  • Classified Post: The online version of the South China Morning Post’s Classified Section, this has some of Hong Kong’s most high-profile jobs and is almost wholly geared to expats.
  • Monster: This global searching firm has an excellent selection of jobs in Hong Kong with a particular focus on banking and finance.

    Print Resources

    • The South China Morning Post Classified Section: Once considered the bible for expat job seekers, the Post has fallen behind some of the above internet resources, but with plenty of jobs listed each Saturday, it is still a must buy.
    • Hong Kong Magazine: Available free from restaurants and bars in Lan Kwai Fong and SoHo, the magazine carries a small classified section which includes some of Hong Kong’s more offbeat and creative jobs.