JINRI Travel Hair Dryer Review

This hair dryer is aesthetically pleasing but its performance is basic at best

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JINRI Travel Hair Dryer

JINRI Travel Hair Dryer

TripSavvy / Stacey Nash

What We Like
  • Powerful 1875-watt airflow

  • Works quickly

  • Velcro strap keeps the cord under control

What We Don't Like
  • Concentrator attachment falls off easily

  • Cool shot is too weak

Bottom Line

The JINRI Travel Hair Dryer has excellent power and enough heat to shorten your drying time, but it loses its punch on the cool setting.


JINRI Travel Hair Dryer

JINRI Travel Hair Dryer

TripSavvy / Stacey Nash

We purchased the JINRI Travel Hair Dryer so our reviewer could put it to the test. Keep reading for our full product review.

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, the JINRI Travel Hair Dryer makes quick work of away-from-home hair drying. Traveling with a full-size device is impractical for a number of reasons, but a good travel-size dryer packs just as much power into a petite, suitcase-friendly package. To see whether the JINRI could hold up to the demands of the road, we put it to the test, evaluating its design, performance, price, and competition. Read on for our verdict. 

JINRI Travel Hair Dryer
TripSavvy / Stacey Nash 

Design: Pretty cute, but not much to it

Based solely on looks, the JINRI doesn’t disappoint. The body is a combination of matte rose gold and white—far from the bland, beige shade of hotel hair dryers. The ceramic tourmaline body feels solid in your hand, too; it’s evident that the manufacturer didn’t cut any corners on the construction. 

The mini blow dryer comes with two heat settings: low and high, as well as a Cool Shot button which reduces heat as needed. As with all travel hair dryers, the JINRI folds in half to save space. When fully extended, it measures 4.7 x 5.5 x 9.4 inches. 

The JINRI travel hair dryer puts out a powerful airflow that makes quick work of wet tresses.

Many travel hair dryers drop the ball when it comes to cord storage. Since most don’t offer a retractable cord, you have to wrap it around the body of the blow dryer—which is actually not recommended as it can cause the device to short circuit. While the JINRI doesn’t have a retractable cord, it does have is a Velcro strap that keeps the cord coiled while in your suitcase. A hanging hook at the bottom of the handle also gives you some extra storage options.  

The JINRI offers dual voltages, so you can easily use it abroad. We always recommend checking the voltage setting when you’re traveling to make sure you’ve adjusted it according to your location. To switch it, simply turn the small dial on the back of the handle using a screwdriver or other narrow tool. 

JINRI Travel Hair Dryer
 TripSavvy / Stacey Nash

Performance: Power and heat shorten drying times

The JINRI travel hair dryer puts out a powerful airflow that makes quick work of wet tresses. More specifically, the device uses ionic technology to swiftly dry your locks and reduce frizz. Essentially, the blow dryer emits negative ions which break down the slightly positive ions of water molecules, speeding up the drying process. 

That JINRI’s powerful airflow is coupled with a good dose of heat, as well. The blow dryer wasn’t the hottest model we tested, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The device is hot enough to make quick headway without overheating your scalp (the same can’t be said for others we tried).

Unfortunately, the blow dryer does a less than stellar job with its Cool Shot setting. When enabled, the blow dryer’s power substantially drops. This is fine for times when you’re just using the cool air to set your style, but it’s not very helpful on days when it’s too hot outside to dry your dripping mop on high heat. In those cases, the low-powered cool setting takes a considerable amount of time to dry a full head of hair. 

Unfortunately, the blow dryer does a less than stellar job with its Cool Shot setting.

In our test of the two power settings, we found low power was best for those with curly hair and those prone to frizz. In general, lower power agitated our hair less, but we also found the amount of frizz was most determined by the fashion in which we dryed our hair. For best results, we pointed the hair dryer down our hair shafts so it smoothed the cuticle and reduced frizz as we worked. 

The JINRI also comes with a concentrator attachment, so we gave that a go. The extra accessory performed its job admirably, focusing the airflow when straightening with a comb or brush. That said, it also popped off fairly easily. If we set the hair dryer on the counter, it came off. If we bumped it too hard with the brush, it came off. In the end, it was more hassle than help.

Portability: Long but light

The body of the JINRI—with the concentrator attached—measures 7.9 inches. While that’s smaller than a standard hair dryer, it is the longest travel model we tested by nearly 2 inches. Though the additonal body length takes up extra storage space, it does weigh just 1.57 pounds—similar to comparable travel models. All in all, it’s not the most portable hair dryer, but it’s not too bad, either. 

Price: High for basic functionality 

With a retail price of roughly $45, the JINRI is at the high end of the mid-price range. Overall, it’s a good hair dryer, but the extra length and weak Coot Shot setting cut down on the value for us. We’d rather save money and go for a $15 blow dryer—with a more basic design—that offers the same functionality. 

JINRI Travel Hair Dryer
TripSavvy / Stacey Nash

Competition: A better balance is out there

Andis Fold-N-Go Ionic Hair Dryer: The Andis Fold-N-Go (MSRP $34.99) has everything the JINRI lacks. With three power settings and a Cool Shot option that doesn’t decrease power, it’s a better deal for more features. 

Conair miniPRO Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer: This tiny but powerful hair dryer lacks a Cool Shot button, but it makes up for it with a low price—just $15—and impressive airflow. If you like to travel light and dry your hair quickly, this one’s worth considering.

Look at other options first.

The JINRI works okay, but there are more feature-rich models that are similarly powered and lower priced.


  • Product Name Travel Hair Dryer
  • Product Brand JINRI
  • UPC X001JL867T
  • Price $42.99
  • Weight 1.6 oz.
  • Product Dimensions 4.7 x 5.5 x 9.4 in.
  • Color Rose gold and red
  • Output 1875 W
  • Warranty 1-year replacement, 2-year warranty
  • What’s Included Hair dryer, concentrator attachment, user manual
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