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JFK International Airport
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If you have a smartphone, there are a variety of apps you can use to get to and from John F. Kennedy International Airport, including Uber and Lyft. However, ride-hailing services can be expensive, especially where airports are involved. If you're looking to save money on your trip (or you're just not a fan of using app-based transportation), there are plenty of other ways to get from Brooklyn, New York to JFK International Airport and from JFK to Brooklyn.

Cabs and Car Services

You can either call a car service or order a green Boro taxi to prearrange a pick up in Brooklyn. The time it takes to get to the airport depends where in Brooklyn you're getting picked up—but it shouldn't take you more than an hour. Ask the dispatcher how much travel time you should allow to be safe.

There are also many areas in Brooklyn where you can hail a cab, including Smith Street and Clinton Street in Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens, and 5th Avenue in Park Slope. In fact, you can find a cab on most of the main drags in Brooklyn. However, if you're leaving early, you might consider calling a car service. 

It will cost anywhere from $59 to $64 to travel between JFK International Airport and downtown Brooklyn, and from $42 to $47 to travel between JFK and Coney Island. Tips, waiting time, parking, and other fees are not included in these estimated fares.

A note of precaution: If you are taking a taxi from JFK Airport to Brooklyn, go outside to the taxi stand. Don't listen to the slick hawkers who try to nab you as you leave the luggage carousel area. Most are unlicensed and uninsured, which means you're at risk.

Taking Public Transportation to and from JFK Airport

If you just landed at JFK Airport and want to get to Brooklyn via public transportation, take the AirTrain to Howard Beach Station. It will cost you $7.75 to exit, and you must pay using a Metrocard (if you don't have one of these, you can purchase one at a Metrocard machine inside the station). From Howard Beach, you can ride the subway, taking the A line into Brooklyn.

Alternatively, take the AirTrain to Jamaica Station, where you can transfer to the Long Island Rail Road. Here, you can buy an LIRR ticket to Atlantic Terminal in downtown Brooklyn. If you're traveling over the weekend, you can get the CityTicket for $4.50 one-way. Otherwise, it will cost you $7.75 when you travel during off-peak hours and $10.75 when you travel during peak. Bear in mind that you will also need to pay the $7.75 AirTrain fee on top of your LIRR ticket.

To get to JFK Airport, hop on a Far Rockaway-bound A train and get off at Howard Beach station. If you need to take the LIRR, you will need to take it to Jamaica Station, where you will transfer to the AirTrain. The same costs of getting to Brooklyn from the airport apply here.

MTA's Trip Planner offers real-time travel options for taking the AirTrain and subways with estimated times depending on the day and hour you'll be en route.

Private Express Bus & Subway Combo

You can take the NYC Airporter, which leaves JFK Airport about every half hour and takes passengers to Port Authority Bus Terminal, Grand Central Station, and Penn Station in Manhattan. You can transfer at any one of these hubs for subways into Brooklyn. It costs $18 for a one-way trip from Manhattan to JFK, $19 for a one-way trip from JFK to Manhattan, and $35 for a roundtrip ticket. You can purchase tickets online.

Shared Ride Vans

Although shared ride vans are more expensive, they are larger than cabs and can be organized in advance. These services are recommended on the airport website:


  • Airlink New York
  • All County Express
  • ETS Air Shuttle

Private Car Services

  • Carmel Super Saver
  • ExecuCar

Drive and Park

Of course, you can drive and park your car. Check the airport parking website for rates and information, and to see how full various parking lots are, and to get current pricing.

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