JFK Airport Parking - Tips for Making the Most of It

Guide to Parking at JFK Airport

JFK Airport

During busy travel times, taking mass transit to JFK Airport might be your best bet. However, if you absolutely must drive, parking your car at the airport doesn't have to be a headache. Here is everything you need to know about parking at John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Short-Term JFK Parking

There are short-term/daily garages at JFK. If you are flying out of Terminals 1, 2, 7, or 8, it's best to park in the Green, Orange, or Red parking garages. The first 30 minutes costs $4 and the first hour costs $8. It costs $4 for every additional half hour you are parked there. Or, you can pay $35 to park for 24 hours.

For those heading to Terminals 4 and 5, you will want to park in the Blue and Yellow parking garages. It costs $5 to park the first 30 minutes, and $10 for the first hour. After that, it's $5 for every 30 minutes you are parked. It costs $39 to park for 24 hours.

You can reserve a parking spot through the airport's website. If you have an E-ZPass Plus, you can use it to pay your parking fees when exiting. Be aware that if you parking in either the Red or Yellow garages, you will not be able to pay via cash, and EZPass Plus is temporarily unavailable.

Long-Term JFK Parking

There are long-term parking lots farther from the terminals at Lefferts Boulevard and Howard Beach. Once you park, grab a free shuttle bus that roves the lots or walk to the nearest station for the AirTrain shuttle. AirTrain is free from Lefferts Boulevard and connects to all the terminals. If you park at Howard Beach, it will cost you $7.75 to ride the AirTrain one way.

Long-term parking lots A and B are at Lefferts Boulevard, and parking lot C is at Howard Beach. It costs $18 for the first 24 hours; after that, each eight-hour period is an extra $6.

To get to the long-term parking lots, follow these driving directions to JFK Airport and then look for signs directing you to the lots. You can reserve a space through JFK's website.

Parking for Passengers With Restricted Mobility

In each parking lot, there are spots designated for those with official disabled license plates or permits. If you park here, the first half hour costs $4, the first hour costs $8, and every extra half hour costs $4. It's $18 if you park here for 24 hours. The rates include taxes and other fees.

Parking for JetBlue at JFK

JetBlue's main terminal at JFK is Terminal 5 (follow the yellow signs at the airport). There's parking the short-term lot immediately adjacent. The same is true for Terminal 4, from which some of JetBlue's international flights arrive.

When Picking Up Passengers at JFK, Is It Better to Park or Just Pull to the Curb?

There are no parking spaces in front of the terminals, and your car could get towed if left unattended. If you are picking up an out-of-towner, children, or someone in a wheelchair, then it would be better to park in the short-term lot that's adjacent to each terminal, walk over to the terminal, and meet your passengers at baggage claim.

You can also park in one of JFK's two Cell Phone Lots, right off the Van Wyck Expressway and the JFK Expressway. These lots are free; you are allowed to park here while you wait for your friend or family member to arrive. It is a five-minute drive to any terminal from either lot.

There's also Kiss and Fly at the Lefferts Boulevard AirTrain station. You can avoid the hassles and traffic at the terminal by dropping off your passengers at the Lefferts Boulevard AirTrain station. They can then take the free AirTrain shuttle to their airline terminal.

Off Airport Parking Providers

JFK has authorized a handful of companies to provide parking for passengers.

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