Where to Buy Jewish Gourmet Matzah

Where to Buy Shmura Matzah Straight from the Factory

The thin, unleavened bread called matza, or matzah, is the centerpiece of the Jewish springtime festival of freedom, Passover, which celebrates the Exodus story. Most Americans are accustomed to buying boxes of matzah in the supermarket. But in Brooklyn, there's the rare opportunity to indulge in a special. handmade matzah. 

This handmade matzah is called "shmura" matza. And while the translation into English is often just "handmade," it involves much more than artisinal craft. This matzah is made under the strict watchful eye of a rabbinical supervisor who ensures that the entire process of mixing the dough and baking the bread, takes place in under eighteen minutes. Here's where you can find schmura matza, straight from the factory, in Brooklyn.

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    Buying Matzah

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    Yes, you could buy matzah in the supermarket, but when you live in Brooklyn you can buy fresh matzah from a factory. However, you should note that Brooklyn matzah factories are located in orthodox neighborhoods and you should be respectful of their culture. Please read this before your visit--Tips on Visiting Brooklyn's Orthodox Jewish, Hassidic Neighborhoods. We've highlighted three neighborhoods in Brooklyn where you can find fresh matzah.

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    Crown Heights

    In recent years, Crown Heights has transformed into a hipster haven filled with a vibrant nightlife but it's also home to a large Lubavitch community. You can find fresh matzah at the Lubavitch Matzah Bakery on Albany Avenue or you can order matzah from their website. 

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    Yes, Williamsburg is a trendy area teeming with boutiques and bars, but South Williamsburg is entirely different neighborhood. It's home to a large Hasidic Satmar community. There are two matzah factories/bakeries that are popular in Williamsburg. Visit the Satmar Central Matzoh Bakery, 322 Rutledge S or Congregation YL Satmar Matzoh Bakery, 427 Broadway. 




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    Borough Park

    There are a few matzah bakeries/factories in Borough Park. Stop in Kerestir Matzah Bakery, 32 Lynch Street. Or pick up some fresh matzah from Boro Park Shmura Matzoh Bakery, 1285 36th Street. Finally head to Chareidim Shmurah Matzoh Bakery, 4312 New Utecht Avenue.