The Expedia of Private Jets Just Made Booking Flights Even Easier

You can go from booking your trip to being in the air in just 30 minutes

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There’s no denying the boom that private aviation experienced in 2020 and beyond. Between the hassle of canceled commercial flights and fear of being exposed to other travelers, the pandemic-era travel world has seen a major uptick in the private jet setting life. And now there’s a way to make booking those fancy flights even easier.

Jettly, a private jet charter technology company, just launched a new online platform that enables users to book one of its 23,000-plus aircraft in a few, quick clicks—similar to snagging a flight or rental car on Expedia. The process is simple: Through desktop or mobile app (available on Google Play and Apple Store), you enter the necessary details like departure and arrival cities, dates, the number of passengers, and, if applicable, additional stops if you're traveling to multiple destinations. Within five to 10 minutes, you'll get a quote outlining the price differentials between multiple operators and different types of jets.

If one of the options appeals, you can lock down your ride by app, text, e-mail, desktop, or a good old-fashioned phone call. In a hurry? You can go from booking to flight time in just half an hour.

Jettly app

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Though customers have to request specific quotes for their trip, Jettly lists the starting price for many aircraft on its website. An entry-level jet with a range of 1,500 to 1,600 miles averages $5,000 an hour, whereas an ultra-long-range jet (6,000-plus miles) like a Gulfstream G-V is $12,000 per hour. While the prices aren’t cheap, when you factor in splitting the cost with a few of your favorite high-flying friends, family, or business partners, the price tag can be fairly comparable to booking a last-minute first-class flight. 

Jettly also offers food options for a few extra bucks. Catering experts are on call 24/7 and food choices include seafood trays, filet mignon, gourmet soup, or simple fruit servings. Need dry ice? They have that, too.

And because a private jet setter might not exactly stand in the taxi line or request an Uber once reaching their destination, you can have a chauffeured car waiting for you at one of more than 8,000 airports with Jettly Wheels. Or, opt to hire a driver on-demand for hourly service.