JetBlue Is Launching Helicopter Transfers To New York City Airports This Summer

Why sit in traffic when you can head to the heliport instead?


Courtesy of Blade

Elite members of JetBlue's loyalty program, TrueBlue, are about to get a major upgrade to their usual airport commute.

The airline announced this week that it will be partnering with New York-based helicopter transfer service Blade to connect travelers in the Big Apple to John F. Kennedy International Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport. Blade, which launched airport transfers in 2019 after debuting as a private service in 2014, shuttles air passengers to JFK or Newark in as little as five minutes.

Beginning July 1, members of TrueBlue's highest loyalty tier, Mosaic+, will receive credits redeemable for complimentary helicopter transfers to their preferred New York City airport. Mosaic members will receive 25 percent off their first Blade airport trip, while all TrueBlue members will receive 10 percent off their first trip when connecting to or from JetBlue flights.

The news makes JetBlue the only airline in the United States to offer an airport transfer partnership of this kind. Delta Air Lines had a brief partnership with Blade for transfers to JFK, while United experimented with transfers to Newark using helicopter operator HeliFlite in 2018. Those flights would run you $2,099 for up to three passengers.

“We know the JetBlue journey starts long before our customers step aboard one of our flights, which is why we are making more of the entire travel experience even easier and even more rewarding,” said JetBlue vice president Chris Buckner. “This partnership will help us further evolve and enhance our TrueBlue program so our most loyal customers can enjoy more perks more often.”

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