The Best Thing About JetBlue's New Transatlantic Routes Might Be the Food

The airline has partnered with New York–based restaurant group Dig

Dig Inn JetBlue meals

Courtesy of JetBlue

While we're excited for any and all flights to return after the pandemic, we're especially excited about JetBlue's long-awaited transatlantic debut. Starting later this year, the low-cost airline will begin flying to London from several of its hubs in the United States, and it plans to shake up the industry while doing so.

JetBlue will fly the routes with Airbus A321 Long Range aircraft, which will be outfitted with the airline's recently overhauled Mint seats in the premium cabin. But those flying economy have something to look forward to, too—a customizable meal.

Partnering with New York–based restaurant group Dig, a perennial favorite of office workers across the city, JetBlue will be serving made-to-order meals to all passengers, who can pick their dishes via seatback screens. Instead of simply choosing between chicken or pasta, passengers can now select one of three protein-based mains and two sides. Some sample menu items: roasted chicken thigh over brown rice with herbs, spiced eggplant over coconut cauliflower quinoa, mac and cheese, and a mixed heirloom tomato salad.

This dining customization level in the economy cabin is pretty much unheard of on current transatlantic flights—and certainly unheard of for a low-cost carrier anywhere in the world—making JetBlue a rather exciting option for passengers.

"When we shook up premium travel with Mint, one of the biggest ‘wow’ moments for our customers was our fresh take on dining. Great food doesn’t have to be limited to the premium cabin, and our customers in core also deserve a dining experience that is thoughtfully prepared and offers choices,” said Jayne O’Brien, JetBlue's head of marketing and loyalty. “Dig has earned a big following in New York, Boston, and Philadelphia, where customers love the fresh ingredients and customizable concept. We wanted customers in the air to have the same freedom to design their own meal, just like they would if they were dining at a Dig restaurant.”

 JetBlue will also continue its practice of having an onboard grab-and-go pantry filled with snacks and beverages that passengers can access throughout their flight, as well as free WiFi and live TV for all. As long as the airline can keep prices reasonable—which is part of JetBlue's M.O.—we suspect its new transatlantic routes will become pretty popular pretty soon.