The Stunning White Beaches of Jervis Bay

Murray's Beach in Jervis Bay, New South Wales.
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Jervis Bay beaches are some of the most stunningly white — and uncrowded — beaches in New South Wales, and they're just two and a half hours' drive from Sydney.

If you're after these famously white Jervis Bay beaches, don't go after some period of storms. I did just that the last time I was in Jervis Bay and the wind and waves had tossed onto shore mile upon mile of smelly brown kelp and other marine junk, particularly at Blenheim Beach in Vincentia and the usually spectacular and secluded Hyams Beach.

But even when parts of the shore have degrees of visual pollution, you'd still find clear, unsullied beaches around Jervis Bay.

Getting to Huskisson

The largest town on Jervis Bay is Huskisson along the western arc of Jervis Bay. It is quite contiguous with next town Vincentia just south of it.

To get to Huskisson from Sydney, take the Princes Highway (Highway 1) all the way south to Nowra in the Shoalhaven region.

Just outside the southern edge of town, watch for the turnoff to Jervis Bay. This would be Jervis Bay Rd and there are prominent signs at roundabouts and intersections. Turn left into Huskisson Rd.

Town centre

You'll know you're in Huskisson town center when you see shops — and people — to your left and right. You might notice the strip of water to your left where some boats, including a cruise ship or two, are moored. This is where Currambene Creek empties out into Jervis Bay.

Ahead of you, and you'll know you're there because you can go no further except turn right at a roundabout, are car park spaces just up from the water. Just before entering the roundabout, to your left, would be Husky Pub which commands a good view of Callala Beach to the north and the bay to the east.

The Beaches

The Huskisson Beach that starts at Tapalla Point runs south all the way to Moona Moona Creek. Because it's close to car parks and caravan parks, this beach tends to get crowded particularly in the warmer months.

Just across Moona Moona Creek to the south lies the long stretch of white sand that is Collingwood Beach and continues into Orion Beach and Barfleur Beach in Vincentia.

South of Plantation Point is Nelson Beach, Blenheim Beach and Greenfields Beach, all in the Vincentia area.

If you've been hearing about Hyams Beach, head out of town back to Jervis Bay Rd, head south some distance and turn left at the sign pointing to Hyams Beach.

Callala Beach

North of Huskisson across the mouth of Currambene Creek lies the long stretch of Callala Beach which certainly looks supremely inviting from the wharfside park and around the Husky Pub area. Unfortunately, there is no way by road across the creek.

To get to Callala Beach you'd have to return to the Princes Highway, head north to Nowra and look for the turnoff towards Culburra Beach but turning right before reaching Culburra into Coonema Rd. Watch for the turnoff to Callala Beach

Dolphin watch

There are sightseeing and dolphin watch cruises from Huskisson at Huskisson Wharf.

Underwater adventures

Diving and snorkeling trips are available from Huskisson town center.

Where to eat

There are Chinese and Thai restaurants in Huskisson, good pub food at Husky Pub, club food at the local RSL Club, and any number of sandwich and fish and chips shops. There are relatively fewer eating places in Vincentia.

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