Jean-Talon Market, Montreal

Visit a Montreal market to mingle with locals and save money.

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Montreal is one of Canada's most stimulating culinary destinations. But the restaurant bills can add up and take a huge chunk out of your travel budget. Why not get back to basics and reap the benefits of a trip to one of the four Montreal Public Markets, including the Jean-Talon.


Though visitors flock to this year-round market, Jean-Talon (in French, (Marché Jean-Talon, pronounced marshay jawn talawn) was not intended as a tourist attraction and is frequented primarily by local residents and cooks.  Much of the fare offered is from nearby farms - often ones within an hour's drive. All the usual market goods are sold, including fruit, vegetables, cheeses, bread, meat, and seafood. However, the range and specialization are particularly impressive, from Turkish and Polish cuisine to a mushroom, game meats, olive oils, and many more colorful and captivating food and paraphernalia. 

A variety of restaurants, food stands, and shops surround the fresh food market, extending into a vibrant local neighborhood. 

How Much Time Should I Spend at Jean-Talon?

Two to three hours should be adequate to eat and shop at Jean-Talon Market. 

Arrive with an Appetite

  • Lots of opportunities to taste test in the market and kiosks selling such tasty fare as Calamari & Chips or irresistible Onion Bhaji.
  • Olive & Épices offers workshops and tastes of its exquisite oils and spices.
  • Many Jean-Talon merchants, such as Boucherie les Fermes Saint-Vincent, have been growing or breeding organic food for years.
  • Havre aux Glaces specializes in unique frozen desserts. Pumpkin Sorbet with cardamom anyone?

More About the Food

In addition to the above, Jean-Talon Market features chocolatiers, fromageries, maple syrup makers, bakeries, wine shops, sushi, and more.

Getting to Jean-Talon Market

Address: 7070, Henri-Julien St., south of Jean-Talon St.

By subway: Take the blue line toward Saint-Michel and get off at Jean-Talon station. When you come out of the station, head west, and if you don't know which way is west, just see which way all the people with the grocery bags are coming from. There are also green signs that read "Marché Jean-Talon."

By car: Underground and above ground parking at reasonable rates is available. 

Jean-Talon Market is Open 7 Days a Week

  • Monday to Wednesday: 7 am to 6 pm
  • Thursday and Friday: 7 am to 8 pm
  • Saturday: 7 am to 6 pm
  • Sunday: 7 am to 5 pm

Bringing Kids

  • The Jean-Talon Market is a great place to visit with kids as there are lots going on. The market is busy though and the walk from the subway is about 10 mins, so consider a stroller for younger children.
  • A bathroom just inside the entrance has a baby change station.
  • There are spots to sit for a rest or a bite to eat, though on busy days, these are at a premium.

Stuff Worth Visiting in the Neighbourhood

  • Be sure to stop by Le Petit Alep for delicious Syrian food.
  • MILANO's Italian Grocery is a rambling grocery store full of delectable Italian goods. 
  • Le Marché des Saveurs du Quebec sells artisan food products from small regional producers in Quebec.
  • Jean-Talon is part of Little Italy, so good Italian food is never far. Primo e Secondo is one of the best in the hood. 
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