January Wedding Anniversary Travel Ideas

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Couples who marry in January have a world of options when it comes to a special anniversary trip. After the rush of the holidays, the airports, hotels, and roads begin to open wide up for travelers, allowing for more travel flexibility. 

Options for January Lovers

Some of the top U.S. destinations in January include warmer climates like Arizona, Southern California, and Florida, while others prefer the exact opposite and head toward the ski resorts. Many also go to popular tropical areas like Belize, Costa Rica, the Caribbean, Mexico, and South America. Couples desiring a romantic European tryst can explore France and Italy in the chilliest month yet stay warm inside cozy restaurants, hotels, and museums.

The All-in-One Choice

Couples can manage January high rates at some of the most desirable locations by planning an anniversary trip at an all-inclusive resort in advance. These types of resorts provide all basic amenities such as room and board, meals, tips, and things to do and see on site. Paying this one price up front will help focus the budget so couples can enjoy the location, pool, jacuzzi, and other convenient luxuries. 

Where to Go for Warmth in January

Go south, young lovers — for the beach, the water, and the warm sun. Whether your funds and your inclination are to travel domestically or overseas, these are some of the sultriest vacation spots for a couple to hit in January:

  • Caribbean Islands: Winter is prime time in the islands, where balmy days and warm waters welcome shivering northerners.
  • Florida: Consider the Gulf Coast of this state, known for its magnificent and romantic sunsets.
  • Mexico: Couples who live in the eastern part of the U.S. and Canada tend to favor Cancun and the Riviera Maya because the flights are shortest, while westerners usually favor Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta. If you've already been to one part of this vast country, consider flying for a little longer to experience another side of Mexico.
  • Tahiti: If you have a major anniversary to celebrate, consider making it an unforgettable one by traveling to the seductive islands of the French Polynesia.
  • Thailand: Those looking for a very hot getaway can explore this country's beaches, markets, temples, and luxury resorts.

A Chill Experience in January

Head for the hills — the ski hills — to celebrate your January anniversary in style. Ski resorts are fully geared up and there's plenty of snow everywhere. Book a room with a fireplace for a cozy, warm, romantic experience with your lover. These are some ski getaway destinations for couples:

  • Heavenly Valley, California: This place offers great skiing and casino resorts.
  • Vail, Colorado: Along with Aspen, this is one of Colorado's most upscale ski villages.
  • Park City, Utah: This is a dynamic little town, just an hour from Salt Lake City, that's surrounded by challenging mountains and first-rate resorts.
  • Vermont: The comfortable inns and ski slopes here allow all levels of skiers to join in on the winter fun.
  • Jackson Hole, Wyoming: The vast and snowy areas will allow couples to enjoy nature here.

    Cuddle in Canada

    Coast to coast, Canada is a winter wonderland. Whether you want a snowy experience or a temperate climate, there's a place for you in our neighbor to the north.

    • Jasper, Alberta, Canada: This is home to a romantic Fairmont hotel and a dramatic national park.
    • Mont Tremblant, Canada: At this charming, walkable ski town, travelers will enjoy the French accents.
    • Quebec City, Canada: Do something different on this anniversary; split your trip between sophisticated Quebec City and a night in the ice hotel located due north of it.
    • Vancouver, Canada: This is a terrific, thriving city with the major ski area, Whistler, north of it.
    • Victoria, Canada: Many consider this Canada's romantic city, with its year-round temperate climate and waterfront location.