January Wedding Anniversary Travel Ideas

Start the Year with a Trip to Mark Your January Anniversary

Sandals Regency La Toc St Lucia
••• Sandals Regency La Toc Resort in St. Lucia. © Sandals Resorts.

Couples who marry in January have the world as their oyster when it comes to an anniversary trip. After the rush of the holidays, airports, hotels, and roads have opened up for travelers. If you go off the beaten track, you can score good rates in some destinations at this time of the year. Alas, January is also prime time for places in the sun as well as ski resorts -- so don't expect to find many bargains in those spots.

But don't you deserve to treat yourselves on an anniversary?

The All-in-One Choice

One way to deal with January high rates at the most desirable locations is to plan an anniversary trip where you know in advance what it will cost. Manage your celebration budget by choosing one of these types of vacations:

​​Weather Wise 

Do you run hot or cold? In January, that's a major factor in determining the destination where to celebrate your anniversary. (If one of you is warm-blooded and the other shivery, it's fair to alternate years).

Hot Times in January

Go south, young lovers — for the beach, the water, and the warm sun. Whether your funds and your inclination are to travel domestically or overseas, these are some of the sultriest vacation spots for a couple to hit in January.

  • Florida - consider the Gulf Coast of this state, known for it's magnificent (and romantic!) sunsets
  • Mexico - couples who live in the Eastern part of the US and Canada favor Cancun and the Riviera Maya because flights are shortest. Westerners favor Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta. If you've already been to one part of this vast country, consider flying for a little longer to experience another side of Mexico.
  • Caribbean Islands - winter is prime time in the islands, where balmy days and warm waters welcome shivering northerners
  • Tahiti - if you have a major anniversary to celebrate, consider making it an unforgettable one by traveling to the seductive islands of French Polynesia
  • Thailand - it's hot, hot, hot here. From this country's beaches and markets to its temples and luxury resorts, Thailand dazzles the eye and nourishes the soul.

Chillin' in January

Head for the hills — the ski hills — to celebrate your January anniversary in style. Ski resorts are fully geared up and there's plenty of snow everywhere. Yes, it's cold outside -- so make sure to book a room with a fireplace wherever you go. These are some of my favorite ski getaway destinations for couples:

  • Park City, Utah - a dynamic little town an hour from Salt Lake City that's surrounded by challenging mountains and first-rate resorts
  • Vail, Colorado - along with Aspen, one of Colorado's most upscale ski villages
  • Jackson Hole, Wyoming - vast, snowy areas to revel in togetherness
  • Heavenly Valley, California - great skiing and casino resorts
  • Vermont - cozy inns and ski slopes for all levels of skiers await

Cuddle in Canada

Coast to coast, Canada is a winter wonderland.

Whether you want a snowy experience or a temperate clime, there's a place for you in our neighbor to the north.

  • Quebec City, Canada do something different on this anniversary; split your trip between sophisticated Quebec City and a night in the ice hotel located due north of it
  • Mont Tremblant, Canada - a charming, walkable ski town with a French accent
  • Jasper, Alberta, Canada - home to a romantic Fairmont hotel and a dramatic national park 
  • Vancouver, Canada - a terrific, thriving city with a major ski area (Whistler) north of it
  • Victoria, Canada - many consider this Canada's romantic city, with its year-round temperate climate and waterfront location

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