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Average Temperatures in January in Las Vegas

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It can get cold in winter in Las Vegas but don't expect winter like they have in other parts of the world. This is the desert so cold is a relative term. Snow is rare and rain does not happen all that much either. It may be chilly so pack a jacket and long pants but remember that even during January you can have a bright sunny day with very comfortable temperatures.

It is not uncommon to put on a pair of shorts and a T-Shirt in the middle of January in Las Vegas.

Average Temperatures in January in Las Vegas

  • Average High Temperature in Las Vegas: 57 F (13.8 c)
  • Average Low Temperature in January in Las Vegas: 34 F(1.11 c)
  • Average Rainfall in January in Las Vegas: .48”
  • Average Humidity in January in Las Vegas: 43%

Las Vegas Must-See Sights and Attractions - Hotel by Hotel

So you are thinking about visiting Las Vegas in January? Football fans love watching the playoffs at the sport books and the huge crowds have not yet decided to return to the Las Vegas strip. You’ll need to find the right Las Vegas hotel for you so you might consider one with a heated pool just in case you want to work on your winter tan. Don’t worry we have plenty of pictures of Las Vegas hotels if you don’t already have one in mind. Winter menus are still going strong at the restaurants in Las Vegas so prepare yourself for heartier meals.

Are you thinking of a seeing a show in Las Vegas? Check out our list and descriptions and then compare some prices. Not all shows must be purchased before you hit the Las Vegas strip.

January is a good time to head up to Mt. Charleston or take a cool hike in Red Rock Canyon. Bring a sweater because day time temperatures are cool however you will most likely not encounter snow or any temperatures near freezing.

There are plenty of things to do in Las Vegas during the month of January so have some fun.

When to visit Las Vegas

Pool Season in January in Las Vegas?
You have to be kidding right? Way too cold to even look at the water. Consider a poker table instead. However, if you choose a pool with a heated pool you could go for a swim if you really feel like you need the exercise.

As you plan your trip to Las Vegas and you consider tours and attractions compare prices with Viator.com. If your looking for shows you can also try Best of Vegas. A little research can save you a lot of money.

Walking Weather in January in Las Vegas?
It is chilly but some days those walks along the Las Vegas strip with a cool wind in your face are so exhilarating. The midday sun will actually feel warm so if you are visiting from a very cold climate you will love the weather in January.

Golf Conditions in January in Las Vegas?
Not a fan of playing in the cold but if you are from Wisconsin or Minnesota it might feel like spring to you. There is no snow on the ground just some cool temperatures. If you would rather just swing the clubs but not brave the frigid temperatures out on the course head to Topgolf Las Vegas and try their climate controlled hitting bays.

Do you need real time weather? Check this list of resources for Las Vegas weather right at this moment.

Perfect attractions for January in Las Vegas:
Any time is the right time for Cirque du Soleil, however, if you are looking for dazzling entertainment check out the headliners at T-Mobile arena that include the perfect winter sport, NHL hockey! The Las Vegas Golden Knights are the first professional sports team in Las Vegas and you can see live NHL hockey right on the Las Vegas strip.

Possible day trips from Las Vegas in January: Since you won’t be spending time at the pool drive out to Hoover Dam and see the engineering marvel that created Lake Mead.

Something you should know about January in Las Vegas:
After New Years the town is still jumping with excitement. NFL playoffs in the sports book and people breaking New Years resolutions!


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