January Travel in the Caribbean

Junakoo festival, New Year's street party.
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New year, new travel plans. What better time to start using your fresh new slate of vacation days than the premiere month of the new year? Escape the chilly winter air and get down to ocean breeze and sunshine! Here's a guide to January travel in the Caribbean.

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January Weather in the Caribbean

Generally speaking, you can expect January temperatures in the Caribbean to average a low of about 72ºF and a high of about 82º F. But beach weather is not guaranteed, with rain likely on 11 days of the month, on average, and temperatures a bit on the cool side for some. Especially in the islands located in the Atlantic Ocean, not the Caribbean -- Bermuda and the Bahamas -- it's more reasonable to expect sunshine and warm weather than the kind of hot days where you can sweat on the beach and then dip into the ocean to cool off.

Visiting the Caribbean in January: Pros

January in the Caribbean is still plenty warm for most visitors from up north, making it an ideal destination to escape the cold and snow, not to mention the post-holiday blahs. New Year's in the islands cements the Caribbean's reputation for throwing a great party, and this also is the month where many islands' Carnival celebrations are getting into full swing.

Visiting the Caribbean in January: Cons

This is high season in the Caribbean, so expect to pay more for your stay, although January is considered the weakest month of high season, so some deals are available. Book well in advance.

What to Wear and What to Pack

Pack bathing suits and summer-weight clothing for the days, perhaps a sweater at night. Pack a light jacket if you're heading for the Bahamas or Bermuda.

January Events and Festivals

New Year's parades are the order of the day in the Bahamas, Key West, and  St. Kitts, and Three Kings' Day is a big holiday in Puerto Rico. January also is when the famous Barbados Jazz Festival is held, and islands from Aruba to Curacao to St. Kitts get Carnival under way. For more details, see this article on Top January Events in the Caribbean.