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  • Jamie Valentino is a Colombian-born quadruplet raised in Miami but made into a cynical adult in New York. 
  • Jamie has written for Business Insider, WIRED, Vice, Sunday Times, Daily Beast, Elite Daily, Houston Chronicle, Queerty, and more. 
  • Jamie travels full-time as an ex-pat, and he has covered culture and lifestyle in Luzern, Barcelona, Tulum Pueblo, Guadalajara, Medellin, and currently, Buenos Aires. 


Jamie's writing explores travel, culture, sex and relationships, or themes that channel the idiosyncrasies of the human spirit. He's served as a travel correspondent for GayCities, reported on the cannabis market and regulatory intelligence for CBD-Intel, and covered sexual health and wellness for Giddy. Before working as a journalist, Jamie planned luxury engagement proposals nationwide for Shark Tank's Paparazzi Proposals. 

 Jamie's travel articles and essays have been republished in over 30 newspapers and publications, including Chicago Tribune, New York Daily News, Yahoo News, Yahoo Entertainment, Business Insider Netherlands, and more. In addition, he was in charge of curating Q.Digital's 2022 Pride in Places series; He wrote about 12 vital queer spaces for advancing equality around the globe, interviewing their owners and telling their colorful stories of resilience. In June 2021, SinC selected him as a finalist for their inaugural Pride Award, recognizing emerging LGBTQ authors. 


Jamie received his bachelor's degree in interdisciplinary studies combining journalism, behavioral science, and technology from the New York Institute of Technology.

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