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James Martin is a writer, photographer, and webmaster who has traveled extensively in Europe since 1977 and hasn't tired of it. He has lived and worked as an archaeologist in Italy and Greece and has studied Italian at the University for Foreigners in Perugia, Italy. He's been living part-time in northern Italy for seven years, and writes about the experience at Wandering Italy and on the Wandering Italy Blog. His experience there has induced him to author the mobile app called Tuscany for Foodies. Even more recently, he's authored, with Paola Loi, the mobile app called Sardinia Inside Out.

You can learn about some of the other things I'm doing these days in his Google Profile James Martin.

If you are more visually oriented, then our Rebel Mouse page called Europe Travel Tips and Ideas features many of our European destinations, events, apps, and other travel related news and pictures.


James Martin's travel photography has appeared in "International Travel News" and on four book covers. His travel writing has been featured in print and web journals. He has worked as an archaeologist in many parts of Europe, including Ancient Corinth, Sardinia and Puglia in Italy and in ancient Isthmia, Greece, home to the Isthmian games starting in 582 BC.


James Martin holds a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering Technology from Bradley University and has done graduate work in Anthropology at UCLA and San Francisco State University. He studied photography with Ansel Adams and others at the Friends of Photography Easter Workshop. He is a member of the Media Alliance and has attended and recommends Book Passage's Travel Writers & Photographers Conference to all aspiring travel writers and photographers who happen to be around northern California in August.

James Martin

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