This New York City Hotel Hired an In-House Witch to Teach You Hexes and Spells

Just in time for spooky season

The James Hotel

Courtesy of The James Hotel

What better time than spooky season to dabble in the dark arts? Now, travelers who book a stay at one hotel in New York City will have the opportunity to do just that.

Beginning Oct. 1, The James Hotel New York will debut an in-house, on-demand Witch-in-Residence, available for guests to book via digital concierge. Through the end of the month, "professional witch" Shawn Engel will be on call to teach programs on astrology, spell work, and even a class on how to hex your ex.

A spiritual mentor, entrepreneur, and published author, Engel's offerings include tarot, numerology, inner child healing, "protection magick," manifestation lessons, and even a "Love Conjuring" class that offers to help guests design their very own "custom love spell." When she's not teaching, Engel runs Witchy Wisdoms, a spiritual brand and platform dedicated to the "journey of the new witch," and is the host of two witchcraft podcasts, "The Boss Mystic" and "True Crime Astrology."

Shawn Engel

Courtesy of The James Hotel

For those looking to experience the magic for themselves, classes will be available via a digital concierge to guests staying at The James. Pricing for each class ranges from $55 for 30 minutes of "Abundant AF Astrology," during which Engel will read your natal chart, to $88 for 45 minutes of "Spirits and Shadow Work," where Engel will assist those in need of healing by using a combination of tools, including a pendulum.

Those hoping to put a hex on their ex will have to do so online through a 90-minute pre-recorded masterclass, priced at $66. You can read more about the classes offered through the official booking portal.

This isn't The James Hotel's first time at the seance. A luxury property that takes Halloween seriously, it previously teamed up with Brooklyn occult bookshop Catland Books in 2019 to offer "Witching Wednesdays," which included herbal consultations and classes on subjects such as potion making.

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