Jade Mountain in St. Lucia

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    What to Expect at Jade Mountain

    ••• View of the Pitons from a suite beyond its private pool. © Cynthia Blair.

    Jade Mountain is more than a hotel -- it’s an experience.

    Opened in Fall 2006, this exclusive resort-within-a-resort is located on the grounds of the luxurious, 600-acre Anse Chastanet resort.

    The futuristic, multi-level building perched high on a hillside resembles a construction site from below — and to some, up close. Its stark design makes it seem futuristic, while at the same time its stone and wood exterior gives it a Stone Age look.

    The building is entirely open on one side like a dollhouse, affording jaw-dropping views and the exhilarating experience of sleeping in the open air while viewing St. Lucia’s majestic twin peaks, Gros Piton and Petit Piton.

    The constant presence of the imposing Pitons, in fact, is very much a part of the experience.

    With private infinity pools in each room, guests can swim right up to the edge of the building and gaze at them or down into the bay.

    Jade Mountain guests have access to all Anse Chastanet’s facilities, which include two restaurants and two...MORE bars, a spa, a fitness center, a tennis court, an excursion and car rental desk, two boutiques, water sport facilities, and a gorgeous beach with fabulous snorkeling right offshore.

    Children under the age of 16 are not permitted at Jade Mountain.



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    Guest Rooms at Jade Mountain

    ••• Each suite is unique in layout, furnishings, and tile color. © Cynthia Blair.

    Accommodations at Jade Mountain are likely to impress even the most seasoned traveler. Every room has its own private infinity pool.

    The wall on one side of the building is entirely open, making the stunning views in each room the most important element of the décor.

    The 28 “infinity pool sanctuaries,” all decorated differently, are classified as Sun, Moon, Star, and Sky, depending on size. The largest, the Sun sanctuaries, are huge, sprawling over 2,000 square feet with private in-room pools of up to 900 square feet.

    Each sanctuary is unique in layout, furnishings, and tile color. Each piece of hand-crafted wooden furniture is different.

    Rooms include areas for sitting, sleeping, and eating. The interiors are made from regional woods, with local tile in the bathroom and tiles hand-crafted in California, some iridescent, in the pool and shower.

    The bathrooms, with ultra-modern sinks and toilets that are different in each room, have open showers with six body sprays, Molton Brown toiletries,...MORE and Frette bathrobes and towels.

    The whirlpool tubs, big enough for two, provide “chromotheraphy” through different colored underwater lights: red for energy, blue for relaxation, purple for power. The pools also have underwater colored lighting.

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    Dining at Jade Mountain

    ••• View from the Jade Mountain Club. © Cynthia Blair.

    The open walls of the resort’s restaurant, Jade Mountain Club, provide the same outstanding view of St. Lucia’s twin green mountain peaks, the Pitons, as the guestrooms.

    The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner. In-room dining is also popular with guests.

    The Celestial Terrace, one level above, is open on all sides, offering even views that are even more spectacular.

    Jade Mountain guests can also dine at the restaurants that are part of the original resort on the property, Anse Chastanet. They include the Piti Piton and Treehouse Restaurant, with dinners that combine tropical cuisine with other international cuisines, and the beachside, open-air Trou au Diable Restaurant which serves lunch and at night becomes Apsara, specializing in Indian cuisine with a Caribbean touch.

    There are two bars at Anse Chastanet, one at the Piti Piton Restaurant and one at the Trou au Diable beach restaurant.

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    Weddings, Honeymoons, and Romantic Getaways at Jade Mountain

    ••• A private hideaway for two. © Cynthia Blair.

    Weddings at Jade Mountain can take place anywhere at the resort, as well as at Anse Mamin plantation located on the grounds, Touraille waterfall, Diamond Botanical Gardens, on a boat, or underwater.

    The resort offers four wedding packages: Elope to Paradise includes all required legal services and paperwork, wedding coordinator, witnesses if required, a wedding arch and other decorations, wedding bouquet and boutonniere, wedding cake, champagne, and a decorated dinner table for the wedding party.

    The Great Escape and the Ultimate Escape include extras like photography packages, spa treatments, a private sunset cruise, and specially-embroidered bed linens for the wedding night.

    Take the Plunge features a free wedding for guests staying a minimum of seven nights during certain periods. Optional services include photography, videography, the private sunset cruise, and a private sail on a 42-foot yacht.

    Jade Mountain also offers two honeymoon packages: Total Romance and Tropical Tranquility....MORE They include accommodations, meals and drinks, tours of nearby sights, use of sports facilities and equipment, snorkeling boat trips and other excursions, French champagne, spa treatments, a sailing excursion on the skippered resort yacht Serenity, and an anniversary certificate that can be used on a return visit.

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    Spa & Swimming at Jade Mountain

    ••• Salutory views from on high. © Cynthia Blair.

    One of Jade Mountain’s most outstanding features is the private infinity pool in each room. They range from 450 to 900 square feet and are tiled with hand-crafted glass tiles.

    Guests can enjoy spa treatments in their rooms or at the Kai Belté spa, part of Anse Chastanet, and located on the beach.

    Services encompass classic body and beauty treatments plus ayurvedic and holistic services. Jade Mountain’s own spa has not yet fully opened.

    A couples treatment called the Alchemy of Two, designed to celebrate being together, is actually a ritual in which the man and woman takes turns playing the role of “giver” and “receiver.”

    It starts with reading poetry in a hot tub scented with special oils and rose petals and feeding each other chocolate, fruit, and champagne. A side-by-side couples massage follows. The man and woman are then anointed with special elixirs on what are described as “specific energy gateways on the body.”

    Treatments also include the more traditional couple massage, two...MORE simultaneous 50-minute Swedish massages with the tables positioned so couples can hold hands during the treatment. A mini-massage course for couples is also offered.

    Other treatments include facials, herbal wraps, a chocolate treatment, foot reflexology, hand and foot treatments, and hair and nail services.

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    Nearby Jade Mountain

    ••• Jade Mountain is near the seaside town of Soufriere. © Cynthia Blair.

    Jade Mountain is a two-mile ride up and down the mountain to the sleepy town of Soufriere. Several tourist attractions are nearby, such as the volcano and sulphur springs and the lovely Diamond Botanical Gardens.

    Hewanorra Airport is closer than FL George Charles, which is an hour and fifteen-minute drive. Many guests arriving at Hewanorra travel to the resort via helicopter.

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    What Could be Improved at Jade Mountain

    ••• The architecture at Jade Mountain is futuristic, which makes well-lit areas a safety issue. © Cynthia Blair.

    Jade Mountain is located at the end of a bumpy two-mile mountain road with sharp drops and harrowing turns.

    Going to the beach requires either waiting for a shuttle bus or taking a lengthy walk down and then up over a hundred stairs plus some steep paths.

    Staff performance is ragged, such as inefficient check-in, long waits for luggage, and waiters who only recite the specials some of the time.

    Lighting at night outside is poor in places. Indoors, the lighting is so complicated that some people in our party never figured it out. One person actually slipped and fell in his in-room pool in the dark. Pool lights should therefore be kept on at all times.

    While ample information on Anse Chastanet is provided in the room, there is no map and not enough information about the tremendous complex that houses the rooms, restaurant, and other facilities at Jade Mountain.

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    Is Jade Mountain Right for You?

    ••• Architecture that incorporates numerous staircases. © Cynthia Blair.

    While anyone who appreciates a visually dramatic, out-of-the-box experience will find Jade Mountain glorious, the physical demands of staying there make it inappropriate for anyone who can’t handle stairs, stairs, and more stairs.

    The lobby is on the highest level, with some rooms located four levels below. Reaching the restaurant and terrace requires walking up even more stairs.

    With no elevators, not even for service people, only those who can easily walk up and down multiple staircases at a time –- in the heat –- will be able to maneuver their way around this complex and somewhat complicated structure.

    While the rooms’ openness make them spectacular, having no fourth wall means putting up with fluttering moths in the sink and dead bugs in the bathroom glass, sleeping under mosquito netting, and chasing after towels and papers that sail away in the breeze.

    The open bathrooms, with toilets and showers practically in the living area, mean there’s no privacy whatsoever. With no phone in the...MORE room, making a spa appointment or summoning a bellman requires walking upstairs to reception. (There are plans to install an intercom system, however.)

    The resort is high on a mountain and the beach is far below, requiring a substantial walk down and back up again or summoning a shuttle bus to enjoy the white sand and warm water. Even getting to and from the shuttle bus requires walking up and down stairs plus a steep sidewalk.

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    Find Out More About Jade Mountain

    ••• The Terrace, located above the Jade Mountain Club, offers 360 degree views of St. Lucia that are absolutely breathtaking. © Cynthia Blair.

    Jade Mountain at Anse Chastanet
    P O Box 4000
    St Lucia, West Indies
    Phone: 758-459-4000/ 7000/ 6100
    Official Hotel Web Site

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