Is Jacksonville the most dangerous city in Florida?

From Brenden in Jacksonville, FL:

Is Jacksonville the most dangerous city in Florida?


For 11 years, Jacksonville (Duval County) held the dubious title of being the "Murder Capital" of Florida, based on murder rates. In 2011, the rate for most crime dropped in Jacksonville, and the city lost its infamous (Whew!) title.

Presently, the murder capital of Florida is Miami.

Murder rates, of course, are not the only way to gauge how dangerous a city is.

CLR gives Jacksonville an overall crime rate risk of 205, when the national average is 100. The average in Florida is 124.

The rates Jacksonville scores the worst in are the rape and assault risk. Jacksonville's rape risk is listed at 270, more than two-and-a-half times the national average, and more than twice the Florida average.

The assault risk is 253.

In some categories, St. Petersburg eclipses Miami, which makes it the most dangerous city in Florida according to its overall violent crime rate (includes homicide, assault, burglary and rape).

While Jacksonville is not technically the most dangerous city in Florida, it is among the most dangerous, which is unfortunate. Much of this has to do with its sheer size. Large cities generally tend to be more crime ridden than smaller ones, and Jacksonville is the largest city in Florida by both population and land area.

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