7 Must-Have Items to Childproof Your Hotel Room or Vacation Rental

While you won't be able to babyproof your hotel room or vacation rental as thoroughly as your own home, these essential items go a long way to keep your little one safe when you're away from home.

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Outlet Covers

Amazon.com Outlet Covers

A dirt-cheap pack of outlet covers will give you peace of mind as your baby explores your hotel room or vacation rental.

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Crib / Playpen

Graco Pack 'n Play - Travel Essential for Babies and Toddlers

Your baby needs a safe place to sleep, and a travel crib will do double duty as a playpen when you're unable to keep an eye on your little one. (Mom's gotta shower sometimes.) Many hotels and vacation rentals will provide a portable crib upon request, so always ask.

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Painter's Tape

Painter's Tape on Amazon.com

An inexpensive roll of painter's tape is a godsend when traveling with ​little ones. Use it to pin up drapery cords, secure loose electrical wires, and hide other hazards that dangle within reach of curious fingers.

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Door Cushions

Door Cuff Cushions on Amazon.com

Staying in a vacation rental or a suite with a connecting door? This foam cuff slips easily over the outside edge, above the reach of little ones, to prevent pinched fingers and accidental door slams.

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Pool Noodles

Pool Noodles on Amazon.com

Available at any dollar store, these cheap swim aids can be easily turned into furniture bumpers. Cut a lengthwise slit down one side of a noodle, then slip it over the sharp edges of a coffee table, fireplace hearth, or any other angular furnishings that may be baby height. 

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Bath Spout Cover

Bath Faucet Cover on Amazon.com

This soft rubber cover slips over the faucet in the tub, protecting your baby from head bumps during bathtime.

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Baby Gate

Travel Baby Gate on Amazon.com

Staying in a vacation rental or condo with stairs? Once your little one is on the move, a baby gate can be a handy take-along when you travel. Choose a gate that is pressure mounted, sturdy, and able to fit a variety of widths.

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