Traveling to Italy with Kids

Fun Places for the Whole Family in Italy

Overall, Italy is a pretty child-friendly country and you'll find that kids are welcome almost anywhere.

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    Colosseum in Rome
    © Martha Bakerjian

    Rome is one of Italy's most popular cities to visit. With ancient ruins, parks, spooky places, and even a museum for kids, Rome is a good family destination. When visiting Rome with kids, consider taking one of these Unique Guided Tours of Rome.

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    Gubbio, Umbria
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    Several people have told me that the hill towns of Umbria were a favorite of their kids when they traveled in Italy. ​Umbria's hill towns are generally small enough to not be intimidating and kids enjoy exploring the stone arches and alleyways and the medieval atmosphere. The Umbria region also has a large lake, waterfall, and an unusual mummy collection that older kids might find fascinating.​

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    Lake Garda
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    Lake Garda, in northern Italy, is a good lake for family vacations. The southern part of the lake has good sand and pebble beaches and the lake's clear water is nice for swimming and boating. Ferries are a fun way to explore the lake where you'll also find small villages, medieval castles, and walking paths. And if your kids just have to go to an amusement park there are several nearby, including Gardaland, probably the best amusement park in Italy.

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    Bomarzo Monster Park
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    Bomarzo Monster Park, an unusual park with statuary in the shape of mythological creatures, is a delight for children. The park is north of Rome in northern Lazio (see map), near the border of the Umbria region. You'll need a car to get there.

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    Rocca Albornoziana, Spoleto
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    Visiting a castle can be lots of fun for kids where they can imagine themselves in the role of knight, princess, or even king. Castles often have interesting medieval towns around them, too, but remember that they are usually on a hill so may require a little climbing.

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    italy pizza class
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    Adding a half or full day guided tour or activity designed with children in mind can be a good addition to Italy's top cities. Here are city tours, pizza-making classes, rowing, mask-making and more in Rome, Venice, and Florence.

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    Multi-colored masks
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    Amazing Family Tours, from Select Italy, are an easy way to tour Italy's three most popular cities with activities designed especially for families. On these tours, you'll travel by train to visit Venice, Florence, and Rome and spend two nights in each city in a special family room or suite. Walking tours and sight-seeing are designed to appeal to children and special family activities include mask-making in Venice, shopping and cooking in Florence, and pizza making in Rome.

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    Boboli Gardens, Florence, Italy
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    While Florence might not have lots of attractions that appeal to kids, there are places that kids will enjoy. Here are five suggestions for where to take kids in Florence.

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    Sardinia Nuraghe
    T_o_m_o / Getty Images

    The island of Sardinia has many attractions that are suitable for children, from animal attractions and quality child-friendly beaches to nuraghe, the island's unique stone towers.


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    italy agriturismo
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    Especially if your family is from the city, staying on a farm in Italy can be a unique experience. Farm lodging ranges from rustic to luxurious and can be a room in a farmhouse (bed and breakfast) or self-catering apartments, a good idea when you're traveling with small children and don't want to eat in restaurants all the time. Many farms have animals and if they don't there's usually at least a dog or cat and many vacation farms have a pool or children's play area. Tuscany and Umbria are good places to look for an agriturismo while in Puglia you'll look for a masseria.


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    Cappuccini Museum
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    When your older kids get bored with museums and monuments, think about a visit to one of Italy's mummy museums, catacombs, or other spooky spots (not suggested for younger children).