The “Green Pass" Is Italy’s Must-Have Travel Accessory This Season

Limone sul Garda, town on the north west side of the famous Lake in Northern Italy
Francesco Riccardo Iacomino / Getty Images

If you’re planning a trip to Italy this season—and possibly beyond—you’re going to want to make sure you’ve got one quintessential accessory before making the trip. No, it’s not a trendy beach bag for looking good during lazy days along the Italian Riviera, nor is it a designer pair of sunglasses. Italy’s new green pass is far less stylish than any other accessories you’ll be toting along for your travels, but it sure will make you look good and help you enjoy la dolce vita.

Starting Aug. 6, if you want to tuck into a sit-down meal at a restaurant, experience aperitivo at a bar, or hit up tourist attractions like museums, you’re going to need to flash your green pass, a convenient pass indicating you’ve gotten at least one jab against COVID-19 in the last nine months, have tested negative within the past 48 hours, or have recovered from a previous infection of SARS-COV-2 within the last six months.

Basically, this green pass will give travelers the green light around the country—and it’s not just tourists; this pass will be enforced for local Italian citizens and residents. Consider it a gift—the alternative is shutting down the country’s already struggling economy and restricting its borders.

“The Italian economy is going well. It’s reviving, and Italy is growing at a rhythm superior to that of other E.U. nations,″ the Italian Premier Mario Draghi told reporters, adding that the green pass is a way to “to keep economic activity open″ and ensure people can enjoy activities ”with the assurance they won’t be next to contagious people.”

On July 29, Italy announced that vaccination certificates, negative test results, and recovery certificates issued by the U.S., Canada, Israel, Japan, and the U.K. would also be recognized throughout the country. For more information on EU travel requirements and restrictions, and Italy's new green pass, visit the official information site.

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