Italian Comfort At Carbone Las Vegas

Italain Cuisine Comes Alive At Aria Las Vegas

Zeke Quezada

A step through the front door of Carbone at Aria Las Vegas leads you into a little bit of Old New York and then a view of the bar reminds you that you are in Las Vegas. Not because the bar has any Vegas qualities but because the folks at the bar are all ready to have a conversation and a cocktail and then have a conversation about the cocktail.  You start with a Manhattan and soon the cocktail list calls with a Gibson, a Stinger, a Whiskey Sour, and a Rusty Nail. Before you even begin your meal the atmosphere has grown on you and you're excited about experience.

To be fair to the numerous Italian restaurants on the Las Vegas strip it must be stated that I have a love affair with the spicy rigatoni in vodka sauce at Carbone. ( I have plenty of favorites including Carnevino and Scarpetta) Also, a few drinks at the bar and a chunk of cheese is really the way to my heart. Also, each time I have went into Carbone I have been with at least one good friend who knows how to have a good time. That means that there is plenty of laughing, a lot of drinking and more food than any reasonable person can handle. So, the room has become one of my favorites simply because it is not difficult to have a good time when the staff is friendly, the drinks are strong and the pasta is simple and comforting.

Note: I visited Carbone Las Vegas 4 times. My first visit I had a great time but the food was not spectacular but the service and atmosphere was worthy of another trip.  My second visit was a blast and the food was considerably better than the first visit. My third visit was a visit to the bar where I had a few dishes and a couple of cocktails as part of a excellent way to have a meal alone in Las Vegas. My recent visit while not as over the top as visit number 2 was still very good and enough to make Carbone one of my current favorite spots on the Las Vegas strip.

Carbone Las Vegas
Aria Resort and Casino
3730 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89119

Phone: 877.230.2742

Cuisine:  Italian

Price Range: Expensive


Monday - Saturday 5:00 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.

Attire: Business Casual

What should you come to expect from Carbone Las Vegas:

The main dining room is surrounded by booths that promote close talking and food sharing. The room that is within shouting distance of the bar is a bit louder but the space is livelier. The table captains are entertaining and eager to share a story or two about the menu, their lives or the people at the next table. In other words, you can expect a fun evening if you so desire.

How’s The Food at Carbone Las Vegas?

Opening the menu everything looked good and before you know it I was bombarded with so many flavors and so much wine that I almost failed to take proper notes. (Don’t worry I went back and feasted on a few things at the bar with a huge glass of red wine.) A lot of traditional Italian fare served up with some flair in a very energetic environment.

What you should try at Carbone Las Vegas:

  • Sizzling Pancetta: I am sucker for pork and when you drop it into a vat of its own fat and add in some veggies and a few tomatoes you can bet that the salty savory sweet sensational flavors jump out at you and you consider binging on this dish for your new anti-carbohydrate diet.
  • Vodka pasta - Each time I have had it I have enjoyed it and it is the one consistent dish that I found at Carbone. If you see a guy at the end of the bar with a big bowl of the vodka pasta it might be me. Creamy, savory and so ready for a quick meal.
  • Veal Parmesana - This entree has all of my friends excited and telling me how over the top ridiculously good it was. Had it twice and the first time I thought it missed the mark but on visit number 3 it blew my mind.
  • Caesar Salad presentation - Yes, it is for show but the Caesars Salad table side has to be enjoyed simply because you are in Vegas and you love having a good time watching other people have a good time. Right?
  • Bananas Foster - Save up a few extra calories for dessert because this table side presentation is fun and the dessert is deliciously sweet and satisfying.


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