Islamorada Weather

Average monthly temperature, rainfall and sea temperature in Islamorada

Islamorada Bonefish
© Photographer Bob Krist/Florida Keys News Bureau

Fishing will happen rain or shine in Islamorada, because as the "Sportsfishing Capital of the World," nothing is going to stop a game fisherman. Of course, with an overall average high temperature of 82° and an average low of 71° weather isn't usually a worry. The maximum average rainfall on Islamorada usually falls in June, so avoid that month if you're looking forward to taking full advantage of all the island's unlimited outdoor recreation activities and attractions. 

Like most of the islands of the Keys, Islamorada is full of incredible sea life and amazing beaches. Snorkel tours, scuba diving, and water sports are abound, although chances are your hotel or inn can recommend a good place to go in the area. 

Islamorada, located in South Florida's Keys and just an hour-and-a-half drive from Miami, enjoys its warmest month in July. Islamorada's coolest month is February. The highest recorded temperature in Islamorada was 98° in 1957 and the lowest recorded temperature was a very 35° in 1981. The Florida Keys are not often affected by hurricanes, but do know that the unpredictable storms are a possibility during the Atlantic hurricane season which runs from June 1 through November 30. 2017's Hurricane Irma did do some major damage to the area but most of the island's infrastructure and businesses have fully recovered.

So, if you're planning on traveling down to Islamorada during hurricane season be sure to check the weather reports ahead of time.

Packing for a vacation in Islamorada is pretty simple. Bring your bathing suit. Of course, you will also need resort casual clothing for dining out, but cool, casual and comfortable is the dress code. The style of the Keys is very relaxed and comfy so don't get bogged down on what to wear. 

Average temperatures, rainfall and sea temperatures for Islamorada:


  • Average High: 75° F
  • Average Low: 62° F
  • Average Precipitation: 1.81 inches
  • Average Sea Temperature: 74° F


  • Average High Temperature: 77 ° F
  • Average Low Temperature: 65° F
  • Average Precipitation: 2.13 inches
  • Average Sea Temperature: 73.7° F


  • Average High Temperature: 78° F
  • Average Low Temperature: 67° F
  • Average Precipitation: 2.36 inches
  • Average Sea Temperature: 75.5° F


  • Average High Temperature: 81° F
  • Average Low Temperature: 71° F
  • Average Precipitation: 2.68 inches
  • Average Sea Temperature: 78.8° F


  • Average High Temperature: 83° F
  • Average Low Temperature: 75° F
  • Average Precipitation: 3.86 inches
  • Average Sea Temperature: 81° F


  • Average High Temperature: 87° F
  • Average Low Temperature: 77° F
  • Average Precipitation: 7.28 inches
  • Average Sea Temperature: 83.4° F


  • Average High Temperature: 89° F
  • Average Low Temperature: 78° F
  • Average Precipitation: 4.49 inches
  • Average Sea Temperature: 85.4° F


  • Average High Temperature: 89° F
  • Average Low Temperature: 79° F
  • Average Precipitation: 7.01 inches
  • Average Sea Temperature: 86.6° F


  • Average High Temperature: 88° F
  • Average Low Temperature: 77° F
  • Average Precipitation: 7.64 inches
  • Average Sea Temperature: 85.3° F


  • Average High Temperature: 85° F
  • Average Low Temperature: 75° F
  • Average Precipitation: 5.2 inches
  • Average Sea Temperature: 82.7° F


  • Average High Temperature: 80° F
  • Average Low Temperature: 71° F
  • Average Precipitation: 2.83 inches
  • Average Sea Temperature: 79° F


  • Average High Temperature: 77° F
  • Average Low Temperature: 66° F
  • Average Precipitation: 1.69 inches
  • Average Sea Temperature: 76.4° F

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