Islamorada Fish Company

Islamorada Fish Company
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The Bottom Line

Two of us stopped into Islamorada Fish Company at Mesa Riverview. We had a cup of soup, an appetizer sampler, two entrees, and shared one dessert. The total bill, excluding beverages, tax and tip, came to about $23 per person.

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  • Fresh seafood, reasonable prices (Update 2013: I am told fish is now fresh-frozen.)
  • Fun, fishy decor


  • Islamorada Fish Company is a chain, but there's only one in AZ
  • Could be an expensive visit if you shop at Bass Pro Shops after eating


  • Islamorada is open 7 days per week for both lunch and dinner.
  • A few non-seafood items -- chicken, pasta ribs, salads -- are offered to those that aren't fond of fish.
  • There's no need to dress up at Islamorada Fish Company. You'll find that people just drop in while shopping or after a movie.
  • Islamorada Fish Company accepts reservations only for groups of eight or more people.
  • A children's menu is available to kids under 10 years old.
  • On busy shopping days it is normal for people visiting Bass Pro Shops to wander into the restaurant and take a few pictures.
  • Park near the front, main entrance of Bass Pro Shops to be close to the Islamorada Fish Company entrance.

Guide Review - Islamorada Fish Company

The Islamorada Fish Company is a restaurant associated with Bass Pro Shops. In fitting with the concept of the large hunting, fishing and sporting goods store, Islamorada is decorated with photos of the ones that didn't get away and colorful models of large sea creatures, as well as a huge aquarium that can be seen from most tables in the restaurant. Islamorada is pronounced eye-la-more-ah-dah.

There's plenty to look at and talk about while you are waiting for your appetizers to arrive in this round dining room with a rotunda over a center fireplace. Today we tried a cup of Clam Chowder ($4), which I thought was a bit starchy, along with the Florida Sampler ($12). Large enough for two or three people to share, the Wahoo dip was cool and fresh (no, it doesn't taste like tuna), the coconut shrimp were plump and moist, and the fried alligator was over-breaded and over-fried. The Islamorada Portofino dinner ($14) was a nice blackened tilapia topped with large grilled shrimp in a lobster sauce. Good choice. I opted for the home-made crispy chips instead of fries with my Fish & Chips ($11). Both the fish and the chips were over-fried, although my companion thought the chips were deliberately fried until dark. Four fish sticks might leave you hungry when all is said and done but the flavor was there. Next time I'll skip the over-fried foods and try one of the flame broiled seafood choices that can be ordered either blackened, BBQ, roasted garlic or teriyaki.

Islamorada's Bread Pudding ($5) was a nice surprise, and unusual in that it was topped with ice cream.

I admit, I wavered on the number of stars for Islamorada. Although the fried foods were not up to my stringent standards, the prices at this restaurant afford everyone a very affordable, fresh seafood meal.

All prices and offerings are subject to change without notice. (06/08)

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