Finding an IKEA Near Louisville, Kentucky

West Chester, Ohio Ikea

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No, there is not an IKEA in Kentucky, but there are options. If you are in Louisville, you can drive to IKEA and back within one day. The nearest IKEA to Louisville is in West Chester, Ohio, just outside of Cincinnati. The drive to the West Chester IKEA from Louisville is about 120 miles and takes approximately 2 hours, about the time it takes to watch a movie. The address is 9500 IKEA Way, West Chester, Ohio 45069.

Can I Shop With My Kids?

Yes, the popular store is a family-friendly destination. There is even a babysitting service (of sorts) called Småland, a supervised play area near the entrance. Children must be potty trained and be 37 inches to 54 inches tall. The service is free for kids while you shop. There is a time limit, usually an hour, so you may not be able to get all of your shopping done while the little ones are playing in Småland, but it will give you time to stroll a bit and make some decisions without a toddler by your side.

Plus, importantly, for families who choose to stick together, there are plenty of restrooms throughout, even family restrooms are abundant. In the women's restrooms, there are sinks for kids, changing stations, and access to diapers and sanitary needs.

Click and Collect Shopping

You can order what you want from your home computer and arrange to pick up the item at a pre-arranged time. The fee for the service is $5, and you'll get that back with the $5 gift card they'll give you when you arrive.

Build your shopping list at home, and they will let you know when your items are ready via email and text.

What Do They Sell?

IKEA sells ready-to-assemble furniture and housewares. The well-designed and functional home furnishings are popular with apartment dwellers who are starting out. The furniture is modern and attractive, yet affordable. The stores are designed to highlight pieces, placing them in room settings to give consumers an idea of how they can incorporate IKEA furniture—and chairs and rugs and pictures and dishes—in their own home. 

The furniture is very affordable, and the modern design helps them to blend into any living space or office. It would be difficult to find furniture cheaper unless you were shopping at thrift stores. The Scandinavian design is a favorite for many looking for a simple bookshelf, a classic bed frame, or a chair with clean lines. The store also has a large selection of furniture and home furnishings for kids. The bright colors are cute and lively, and since often child furniture is only used for a year or two until the child grows into something larger, an IKEA piece that is not intended to last a lifetime can be an ideal fit.

What Is There to Eat?

One thing to remember is IKEA stores are enormous, and because of their size, they have typically located away from towns and restaurants. No worries, IKEA knows you will get hungry while you shop, so they cater to their customers, there are two places to eat in most IKEA stores.

The main restaurant is a cafeteria where shoppers can dine on IKEA Swedish meatballs, potatoes, wrap sandwiches, chicken, and veggies. Offerings change, and there are daily specials. If your schedule is flexible, visit the IKEA West Chester Special Offers page before heading out. There is information on specials and when customers can eat free. 

Downstairs, near the checkout, you'll find a counter to purchase smaller meals. Popular snacks include hot dogs, ice cream cones, and the cinnamon rolls IKEA is known for. Both the cinnamon rolls and the Swedish meatballs are IKEA favorites, and you can purchase these items packaged to go, too.

How Do I Get the Furniture Home?

If you are looking to save money—which is the point for many IKEA shoppers—you should bring a large car or van and a friend who is good at heavy lifting. When you buy large items, staff will help you load your car, but you'll still have to unload (and assemble) when you get home. There are delivery options, you can pay IKEA to deliver and/or assemble your purchases, but these services come at a price. So if you are looking to save money, your best bet is to embrace the IKEA do-it-yourself and build-it-yourself spirit.

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