Is riding Marta in Atlanta safe?

••• A Marta train to Candler Park. Photo © Laura Horton

Question: Is riding Marta in Atlanta safe?

Marta is the public train system in Atlanta, and many residents and visitors use Marta to get to work or to attractions. The system runs north, south east and west, providing access to major neighborhoods like Downtown, Midtown, Decatur and Buckhead.

Many people wonder if it is safe to ride Marta. Recently, there have been a few high profile incidents of crime that lead people to believe that Marta is unsafe.


Generally speaking, Marta is a safe way to get around town. There are police that work in the stations, parking lots and on the trains. Many people use Marta for their daily commute and there are always a lot of professionals on the train during the morning and afternoon rush, making it feel like a safe environment.

However, Marta is in a major city, and like any city, Atlanta has it's fair share of crime. Riders should try to travel in groups and use caution, especially when riding late at night. A good tip for riders is to ride in the first car, where you'll be near the train's driver if you have any concerns.