Is London Tap Water Safe to Drink?

Water from a tap

Question: Is London Tap Water Safe to Drink?

Have you ever wondered if London tap water is safe to drink? If it is, why do you see so many people drinking bottled water in London?


The DWI (Drinking Water Inspectorate) says yes, all UK tap water is safe to drink. In blind taste tests, most people cannot tell the difference between chilled bottled water and chilled London tap water.

Sometimes London tap water can appear cloudy when you first fill a glass.

Don't worry. This is just excess air which disappears in a few minutes.

The DWI recommends you drink the water from the cold tap as the hot tap may contain high levels of copper.

Why Do Londoners Buy So Much Bottled Water?
I'm sure this started as a 'fashion thing' - to be seen with a particular brand of water - but there is really no need. I admit I buy bottled water, but I then refill the bottle from the cold tap at home and reuse it for ages.