Travel Myth: You Need to Buy a Round-the World Ticket

Why One-Way Tickets Aren't More Expensive

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When I first asked my ex-boyfriend if he wanted to travel around the world with me, he told me I would need to buy a round-the-world trip ticket. He said that it was the only way that travel would be affordable for us.

We broke up, I left the UK on a one-way ticket, and I've spent far less money on flights than if I'd bought a round-the-world ticket. Here's why the RTW ticket saves you money is a myth:

With One-Way Tickets You Can Travel on Budget Airlines 

Budget airlines can offer very cheap flights, and you can fly to a nearby country for as little as $20 in regions such as Europe and Asia. One-way tickets don't have to be expensive if you utilize an airline such as Ryanair

Budget airlines may not be as nice as higher-standard airlines, but if all you care about is getting to your destination, they're a good way to save money. 

With One-Way Tickets You Can Remain Flexible

The main benefit to one-way tickets is being able to remain flexible -- you don't need to buy an onward ticket until you're leaving the country, which means you can stay for as long as you need to until you're ready to leave. 

Flexibility also means that you can move on from a country when you find a cheap flight. Just head to Skyscanner and search from your destination to "Everywhere" for the next month and see what comes up. You might find yourself in a brand new country you'd never considered and loving every second of it. Even better, you may have spent less than $100 to get there. 

You Can Change Your Mind

If you change your mind about where you want to go next, it only affects your immediate destination. If you decide you want to spend an extra month in Thailand, you might lose your onward ticket, but that's it. If you have a round-the-world ticket booked, you'll have to change all of your future travel destinations, which could be as many as 10! For ease of travel, the one-way ticket saves you money and time. And after all, time is money. 

Backtracking Doesn't Cost More

With the majority of round-the-world tickets, you have to travel in one direction, and if you want to backtrack, you'll have to buy the one-way ticket yourself, on top of the RTW ticket price. If you're traveling on one-way tickets, this is part of your travel plans and won't cost you any more to do this. You can dot all over the world without having to worry about what direction you're going in and how much more it will cost you. 

You Can Travel for Longer Than a Year

Most round-the-world tickets only allow you to travel for a year on your ticket. If you want to travel for any longer, you'll have to start paying for one-way tickets. Because your round-the-world ticket will need to end where you started, you may even have to start paying for one-way tickets to fly you back to where you left off so you can continue on your trip.


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