Ireland's Best Attractions and Activities by Region

Trim Castle in County Meath - definitely high up in size and importance
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So, you are traveling through Ireland and you need a guide to the best attractions, sights, and activities, county by county, province by province? Fret no more, here we bring you the links that will take you to the "Best of Ireland," be it in Cork, the Antrim coastline, Donegal, Wexford, Dublin, or Belfast.

Even the best guidebooks to Ireland can be overwhelming. They often lag behind the times, omit things the writer did not like (or see) and are, all in all, static. The long number of sights and attractions to be found on this comparatively small island seems immense. Indeed you cannot throw a pebble without hitting an ancient monument in most areas. Planning an Irish vacation can become a nightmare. But it does not have to be that way.

The first thing to throw overboard is the silly idea that you have to see everything. You can't, at least not on a time-restricted vacation, or even in a year or two. Maybe not in a lifetime. Trust me, I lived here quite a bit. There will always be spots you missed - travelling Ireland is a bit like cleaning the house in this aspect.

And let us stick with the house analogy... as you have favourite spots in your house and the attic where you store stuff that might one day come in handy again (never throw away the Betamax, you know), you will have a list of favourite things to see while driving down the Irish roads, and then a long list of things that might be interesting too.

I have tried to take the pain out of the decision process for you by compiling a few lists that will give you an idea of the most important sights and attractions, conveniently sorted by region or theme.


The Province of Connacht

The Province of Leinster

The Province of Munster

The Province of Ulster

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