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You've checked the costs, figured out the access, and you're taking your iPhone on vacation to Greece. But your iPhone needs some new vacation gear too. Here are some of the best apps to have on your iPhone in Greece.

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    This app provides information on Athens, with the option to review different places. It's designed for both visitors and Athenians, and so it includes information on traffic congestion and movie times, in addition to info on archaeological sites and other attractions.

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    World Nomad Free Greek Language Application for the iPhone

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    This application provides you with an audio feature and some essential phases in Greek. Here's a screenshot of the Greek program. One oddity? They add some extra letters to the "standard" transliteration from English to Greek, so the number "one", usually transliterated as "ena", becomes "aena" - a little more confusing than necessary for travelers. Ten, usually "deka" is spelled "thaeca". But if you're listening and following the pronunciations, this shouldn't interfere with your use of the app.

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    Cheap (currently 99 cents)and easy application to keep a map of Greece and just Greece handy at all times during your trip. Also provides extra information, including trivia, hotels, and other information to enhance your trip.

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    This inexpensive download allows a traveler to keep a journal, label and share photos, create a timeline, add maps, and essentially create a digital record of their trip without leaving the iPhone environment to go to a website. It's a handy way to have your trip in your pocket where you can take advantage of short bits of free time at a train station, airport, or on a Greek ferry to jot down a few thoughts and make sure your trip is really unforgettable.

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    Exploring Santorini, Pelion, and Greece, in general, may be easier with these new iPhone apps for Greece, all available from the iTunes iPhone app store.

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    Meteo.gr is an excellent weather website and it now has an app for the iPhone - but recent comments seem to indicate it is crash-prone.

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    This one is a little farther afield - an app which provides a guide to Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, which for over a thousand years was the largest cathedral on earth. While it is now a museum, the Greek Orthodox church still inspires visitors - and since many "Greek Island" cruises also include a stop in Istanbul, I thought it might come in handy for many travelers.

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    This handy app provides a number of walks through Thessaloniki, along with geographic details. It includes Facebook and Twitter support.

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    Does your trip to Greece include a flight on Aegean Airlines? You'll want this handy app on your phone for mobile check-in, updates, and other information. It's one more way to keep in close contact with your airline and can be helpful for last minute changes and in emergency situations. It's a good idea to download the appropriate apps for all of your flight and transport providers in Greece.

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