5 Great iOS Apps for Taking Better Travel Photos

Person using an iPhone to take a photo outside of a vehicle.

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Are you looking to improve your travel photography and don't want to spend a lot of money? Rather than going out and spending a few thousand dollars on high-end gear, invest a couple of dollars in a better camera app for your smartphone instead.

While the standard Apple version does a reasonable job, it's no match for some of the third-party photography apps out there. Check out these five great iPhone apps that will help you take jealousy-inducing travel shots without breaking the bank.

645 Pro Mk III

Definitely aimed at those who are serious about their photography, the awkwardly named 645 Pro Mk III is easily one of the most powerful smartphone camera apps out there.

With full control of exposure, white balance and focus, as well as shutter and ISO priority modes, it's about as close to a DSLR as you're going to get from something that makes phone calls and fits in your pocket.

Even the interface looks like what you'd find on a high-end camera, and it's not difficult to justify the relatively inexpensive price tag. Just like a high-end camera, it'll take a little time to learn how to make the most of the app's features—but when you do, expect a noticeable improvement in your photos.

Pro Camera

Another high-end camera app, Pro Camera has a decade-long pedigree. It's always attracted photographers looking to get the most of their iPhone camera, and the latest version is no exception.

As well as total control of focus and white balance, the app adds multiple ways to set exposure levels on the fly, Siri shortcuts that allow you to specify custom Siri commands for key features, and edited version support that helps you to keep your edited photos organized.


Rather than focusing on semi-professional users, Camera+Legacy is aimed more at those who just want a better photo with a minimum of fuss—and unlike many other apps in this space, it actually achieves it.

With useful features such as stability control, flash fill, and separate exposure and focus management, the app improves the quality of the initial photo before trying to enhance it automatically or manually.

The editing tools are reminiscent of those in Snapseed, focused on a better photo rather than garish filters.


Taking the opposite approach to most other camera apps, NightCap focuses on doing one specific task as well as possible.

Smartphone cameras traditionally perform badly in low light—as the millions of blurry, grainy night shots on Facebook prove—due mainly to their tiny lenses and sensors. With so little light entering the camera even under ideal conditions, it's no surprise they perform so poorly when the sun goes down.

NightCap analyses each scene and adjusts the exposure to capture as much light as possible. In many cases, this can result in a much sharper image than you'd get using a standard app, although for best results you're really going to need to balance your phone on a stationary object (or use a tripod).

Sun Seeker

To really mix things up, Sun Seeker doesn't have any fancy controls or filters for your camera at all—but it will still noticeably improve your travel shots. If you've ever had photos ruined by sun glare and overexposure, you'll greatly appreciate what the app has to offer.

It works in a variety of ways, depending on whether you're standing where you want to take the photo from or not. If so, the app overlays the screen with the current and projected sun position throughout the day, so you'll know the best time to shoot. You've also got the option of a 3D augmented reality view so you can see solar position and path.

You can also view the sun's arc for a different date, or even scope out shots in advance—the app lets you choose anywhere on the planet, with more than 40,000 cities and other locations built-in.

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