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Intrepid Travel Profile

"Real life experiences" are the focus of Intrepid Travel's adventure trips. Intrepid Travel was started in 1989 by two Australian men who had a passion to get travelers off the beaten track in Asia. Today, Intrepid Travel offers trips to more than 90 destinations around the globe, including all seven continents as well as the Arctic. The styles of those trips include active adventures; challenges, where travelers combine cycling, trekking and some volunteer activities; independent travel; family travel; and Basix travel, which is definitely grassroots-style at its finest.

On these generally small-group trips you'll travel in ways similar to the local people, respecting their culture and the environment. The groups take mostly public transportation, stay and eat in small-scale locally-owned establishments, and interact with the locals in unique ways. 

The Intrepid Travel Boss' Pitch:

"We wanted to develop a style of travel that was all together different, where as travelers we became a part of the country - and not just tourists looking in. Wherever we go in the world, we take a responsible attitude with us. That means traveling in a way that both respects and benefits local people, their culture and the environment. Our travelers get the chance to meet local people and really get to know their culture first-hand. You'll contribute directly to local economies and help develop cross-cultural understanding. In other words, enjoy a real life experience." says Darrrell Wade, Director and Co-founder, Intrepid Travel.

Why Choose Intrepid?
There are a lot of high quality adventure travel companies to choose from, so why pick Intrepid? Simple, the company has been around for more than 25 years, it has a proven track record for pulling off wonderful trips at affordable prices, and they offer itineraries to just about any location you can think of.

If you like small-group, adventure travel, and don't mind letting someone else plan the details, chances are you'll find something to like in the Intrepid catalog. 

Popular adventure travel trips with Intrepid Travel

When you check out the pricing on some of these continuously popular journeys, you'll be surprised at how much less they cost than ones with similar itineraries offered by other adventure travel companies. But, keep in the mind that many of these are "grassroots" trips and the lodging is chosen with a live-like-the-locals slant.

Examples of this include the 12-day North China Getaway, which goes from Beijing to Shanghai for just $1460. The 15-day Rajasthan Adventure roams from Old Delhi to meeting with local tribes people at Karni Mata to taking a hot-air balloon ride over Jaipur. It is nicely priced at $1360. Meanwhile, the 9-day Angkor Trails itinerary bounces from the floating markets in Thailand to the Angkor's temples in Cambodia for a mere $850. 

Where to learn more about Intrepid Travel

For more information about the many trips, including the Canada Dog Sled Adventure, visit Intrepid Travel or call 800-970-7299.

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