Intrepid Travel Is Giving Away A Free Trip For Two to Antarctica—Here’s How to Enter

Winners will get to ring in 2022 with penguins

Ship sunset cruise on the Antarctic peninsula
David Merron Photography / Getty Images

It’s fair to say that 2020 didn’t turn out the way that any of us could have planned. We were locked down, masked up, and travel meant venturing outside from the kitchen to the backyard for many of us. While travel may have opened up, all in all, the first half of 2021 hasn’t really been the cathartic change we were hoping to see.

What if you could end this year with the ultimate adventure and ring in the new year in Antarctica?

In celebration of the inaugural season for their newest polar expedition ship, Ocean Endeavour, adventure and eco-friendly tour company, Intrepid Travel, is giving away a free trip for two to Antarctica. If you didn’t know, that’s worth about $25,000 (the White Continent ain’t cheap!). Head’s up; you’ll have to pay taxes on this amount come filing season.

Guests aboard the Ocean Endeavour will be led by guides with experience in marine biology, glaciology, and Antarctic history. They can participate in Citizen Science programs and outdoor activities such as kayaking and snowshoeing. On the ship, they’ll find amenities like a gym, spa, pool, and jacuzzi.

One winner and their guest will join a select Best of Antarctica voyage during the 2021/2022 season for an 11-day trip designed for first-time and seasoned adventurers alike. Excursions will include super cool explorations of ice-filled bays and channels, wildlife expeditions, and plenty of time to snap the perfect shot of the unique and stunning polar landscape.

All you’ve got to do to enter is fill out a simple form, hit submit, and then check back in late August to see if you’ve won. The last day to enter is Aug. 23, 2021.

And real talk—several of the sweepstakes we’ve seen over the last year or more have been less about winning a prize and more about thinly-veiled attempts for brands to award winners with a temporary social media gig. With this sweeps, you aren’t required to do any posting, any photoshoots, any updates. You win, show up, go on the trip, enjoy yourself, and talk about that one time you went on the trip of a lifetime, and you only had to pay for your flights.

A word to the wise, if you win, you’ll need to book your travel by Sept. 30, 2021, and depart for your trip by Dec. 29, 2021.

To read the fine print and enter the sweepstakes, head on over to the official contest website.