Internet Options in Jacksonville, Florida

Choose From Big 2 or Satellite

If you're new to Jacksonville, Florida, one of the first things you have to do is find an internet provider. As in, immediately. Service options can be drastically different from city to city, and a move out of a particular region might mean you'll need to find a new ISP, or internet service provider. You'll find slightly different prices for different speeds and also somewhat different speeds offered. You'll also probably find a difference in the deals offered to new customers.

The choice ultimately depends on what type of internet connection you need, from casual use up to extreme gaming online, and how much you will pay for it with each provider. Your choice might also depend on whether you want to bundle TV and/or phone service with your internet, and how that price shakes out. Most internet-users rely on cable-based service, but you can also get satellite-based. Two big cable providers cover nearly all high-speed internet access in Jacksonville: Comcast and AT&T Uverse.


Comcast is one of the most recognized ISPs and is the largest provider of internet, TV, and cable-based phone service in the United States. It offers an assortment of plans and speeds to internet consumers and is the fastest in the Jacksonville area.  Xfinity from Comcast offers cable internet coverage to 96 percent of the Jacksonville area, along with TV and phone service. Some areas of Jacksonville can get fiber-optic based service from Comcast Xfinity. All of the plans provided by Comcast are based on cable plans. New customers will generally find offers for deals that last for a limited time. 

AT&T Uverse

AT&T, which serves about 93 percent of the Jacksonville area, is a well-known cell phone carrier, and it also offers internet packages, along with TV and phone service, under the Uverse banner. You'll get AT&T Fiber in Jacksonville, and that is something to consider if that is a plus for you. As always for new customers, look into AT&T's promotional packages that start off at lower prices for the next few months. Also, if AT&T is your mobile phone provider, it might be cost-effective to bundle all your communication services and worth checking out.


If you'd rather have satellite-based internet coverage than cable-based, HughesNet is something to look into to. You must have a satellite dish to get satellite-based internet, which comes through communications satellites, through your satellite dish, and into your computer modem.  One major benefit of the satellite-based internet is that you can get it just about anywhere, so if you live in a relatively remote area, this could be a solution. On the other hand, satellite internet connections, like satellite TV connections, can be affected by the weather, particularly heavy rain, which is not an issue if you have cable-based internet. 

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