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We've scoured the Internet for the most fun, quirky, interesting, and bizarre facts about New Jersey we could find. Who knew there were so many "firsts" in the Garden State? After reading this list, you'd undoubtedly be victorious at a New Jersey-themed trivia night.

Bet you were wondering why the property names Monopoly boards sounded familiar! They were named after Atlantic City's streets.

The first-ever recorded baseball game was playing in Hoboken, NJ in 1846.

More than 100 battles were fought on NJ soil during the Revolutionary War.

Albert Einstein worked at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton until his death in 1955.

The Jersey Shore is a beast, with a whopping 127 miles of coastline on the Atlantic.

The United States Equestrian Team's headquarters is in Gladstone, NJ. What a great place for HQ, with New Jersey having the most horses per square mile in the country.

New Jersey was the first state to sign the Bill of Rights. 

Jack Nicholson was raised by his grandparents near Asbury Park and attended Manasquan High School, where he was voted class clown of the Class of 1954.

In 1896, Trenton, NJ hosted the first professional basketball game.

9,800 farms spanning over 790,000 acres of farmland call New Jersey home. The residents sure reap the benefits. Corn or tomatoes, anyone?

Second only to Maryland's, New Jersey’s State House is one of the oldest still in use (first completed in 1792).

The first drive-in movie theater, Camden’s Automobile Theater, opened in 1933. Only one still stands in Jersey today: Vineland's Delsea's Drive-In Theatre.

There are two states where it's illegal to fill your own gas tank: Oregon, and yes, good 'ole New Jersey.

Many, many celebrities have called New Jersey home at some point in their lives, including Queen Latifah, Meryl Streep, Anthony Bourdain, Stephen Colbert, and more. Check 26 of them out here. 

In 1937, the Hindenburg crashed and burned attempting to land at Lakehurst Naval Air Station in Manchester Township. 36 people were killed.

Orson Welles, in a 1938 radio broadcast of "War of the Worlds" instilled panic in the nation when he managed to convince people that martians landed in Grover's Mill, NJ.

The Baby Ruth candy bar is named after New Jersey native Grover Cleveland's daughter.

The house that inspired the mansion in "The Addams Family" sits on Elm Street in Westfield, NJ.

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