Fun to Follow: Instagrammer Reimagines Landmarks with Paper Cutouts

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The London Eye Really is on a Roll

London Eye Transformed with Paper Cutout
Rich McCor on Instagram

Do you love chronicling your travels on social media? We are humbled and inspired by Rich McCor, a.k.a. @Paperboyo on Instagram. The London-based artist is transforming famous European landmarks with scissors, black paper, and his camera.

In this image, the London Eye is reimagined as a bicycle wheel. Simply brilliant.

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Lego MaxiFigure in Paris

Lego Man in Paris
Rich McCor on Instagram

Lego-loving kids of all ages will smile at this image of the Arc de Triomphe transformed into a Lego Minifigure. Sheer genius.

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A Stockholm Ship in a Bottle

Ship in a Bottle on Instagram
Rich McCor on Instagram

Whether it's bottled or simply moored in Stockholm's Skeppsholmen district, the af Chapman has had a long and storied past. As McCor says in his Instagram post, "The great thing is, you can rent a room and spend the night onboard."

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Blast Off in Cinq, Quatre, Trois, Deux, Un

Eiffel Tower Blast Off
Rich McCor on Instagram

The Eiffel Tower as a rocketship? Mais oui!

This Instagram post is a great example of how McCor can put a totally new take an icon.

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The Little Mermaid Takes a Selfie

Instagram: Little Mermaid Takes a Selfie
Rich McCor on Instagram

In this image, McCor bestows a selfie stick on Copenhagen's Little Mermaid statue.

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Oh, What a Tangled Web

Spider in the National Maritime Museum, Amsterdam
Rich McCor on Instagram

In this image, McCor superimposes a spider on the web-like glass roof of Amsterdam's Het Scheepvaartmuseum, or National Maritime Museum. 

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Quasimodo Emerges

Quasimodo at Notre Dame de Paris
Rich McCor on Instagram

McCor placed an iconic literary figure atop a Parisian landmark and got Instagram gold.

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A Dane and his Dog

Instagram Dane and Jumping Dog
Paperboyo on Instagram

McCor writes of this Instagram image taken in Copenhagen: "Niels Juel was a Danish admiral who had absolutely nothing to do with making dogs jump through hoops, but his statue was perfect to play with for this cutout."

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Big Ben Gets Downsized

Big Ben as a Wristwatch
Rich McCor on Instagram

McCor shrinks Big Ben to wristwatch-size in this clever shot taken at London's Houses of Parliament.

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Karate Kicking in Paris

Karate Kick in Montmartre
Rich McCor on Instagram

The Mansard roof is a clue that McCor took this image in Paris, but where and how? He cleverly used a tilted shot on the Montmartre butte below the Sacre Coeur to give this karate kick extra oomph.

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