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If you're looking for great Instagram-worthy shots of Newport Beach or if you want to take photos that are so good no one can resist commenting with a thumbs up or clapping hands, these are some of the best places in town to take your camera. And for each spot, you'll find some ideas for making your unique photo.

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Newport Pier

Newport PIer

Mark Weston/Flickr/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Photographs like this one taken by Mark Weston under the Newport Pier are always pleasing. If you happen to catch a sunset, or a sailboat going by - or even a surfer doing a highly dangerous run under the pier, it's all the better.

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Instagram Ideas for Newport Beach

Balboa Fun Zone at Newport Beach
Courtesy of Visit Newport Beach

The Balboa Fun Zone is so photogenic that it's in here twice. This view with colorful kayaks in the foreground includes the ferry sign and the Ferris wheel in the background. It would look great in the morning - or later in the day when the rides are busier.

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Balboa Fun Zone Ferris Wheel

Balboa Fun Zone, Newport Beach

Betsy Malloy Photography

This shot works because of the colorful Ferris wheel and the palms. This one was taken in the winter, but it's even more fun when the ride is running, and people are on it. It looks great in the late afternoon sun, too.

If you can do a longer exposure, that could be fun. And when the Ferris wheel is running, a video or time-lapse.

Try using these tags: ferriswheel, balboafunzone, balboapeninsula, balboaisland.

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U-Drive Boat Sign

U-Drive Boat Sign, Newport Beach

Betsy Malloy Photography

The sign is next to the Balboa Ferry. It's custom-made click bait for sign geeks and neon lovers. 

This shot works because of the colors and the fun subject matter. You could zoom in on the family - or zoom out and get the palms above it. Try going in the evening about half an hour after sunset. The neon may be lit, and the sky will come out dark blue.

Try using these tags: balboafunzone, balboapeninsula, balboaisland, vintagesign, americana.

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Balboa Ferry

Balboa Ferry, Newport Beach

Betsy Malloy Photography

What's not to like about a ferry that only carries three cars at a time and takes about 3 minutes to make its crossing? The Balboa Ferry goes from Balboa Island to the peninsula where it docks at the Fun Zone. 

Try using these tags: balboapeninsula, balboaisland, balboaferry.

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Balboa Beach

Balboa Beach, Newport Beach

Betsy Malloy Photography

Lifeguard towers on the beach are a big hit on Instagram, especially when you photograph them at sunset. Or with a beautiful girl, cute little kid, huggable puppy, or a handsome guy in the scene.

You can get all the information you need about Balboa Beach in this profile.

Try using these tags: balboapeninsula, balboaisland, balboabeach, beach, beachday, beachtime.

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Duffy Boats

Duffy Boat in the Newport Beach Harbor
Courtesy of Visit Newport Beach and David Serino

The Duffy boat is a Newport Beach invention, an environmentally friendly electric boat that's just perfect for puttering around the harbor. They are so cute that they almost look like toys, and one of those tilt-shift photos that makes everything look like a miniature would be darling.

The company's history and how to rent them are at the Duffy Boat website

Try using these tags: duffyboat, newportharbor.

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Marina Park Playground

Playground at Marina Park, Newport Beach

Betsy Malloy Photography

This fake lighthouse is at Marina Park, just up the road from the central part of the peninsula. The colors are cheerful, and I love the slide. It's all on top of the public restroom. A video of someone popping out the bottom of the slide would be fun. 

Try using these tags: balboapeninsula, balboaisland. The tag marinapark is used for other locations and probably won't do you much good.

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Balboa Bars

Balboa Bar, Newport Beach

Betsy Malloy Photography

A Balboa Bar is just ice cream on a stick, hand-dipped in chocolate and rolled in your choice of coverings. This cheesy shot of it is a classic. And the best part is that you get to eat the Balboa Bar after you're done photographing it. I ordered mine covered in pretzel pieces for a little sweet-salty taste.

You could have a lot of fun with a Balboa Bar and a cute little kid getting the ice cream all over their face. Don't try it with your dog, though unless you take the chocolate off. Eating it could kill your canine pal. Here's why.

Try using these tags: balboaisland, balboabar, icecreambar.

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Dad's Original Frozen Banana Stand

Dad's Original Frozen Banana, Newport Beach

Betsy Malloy Photography

Just two doors down the Balboa Bar is Dad's. They claim to have the "original frozen banana." But so does the Balboa Bar place. Just think of all the fun you could with two bananas fighting for the title. Or a short video showing both signs with your wise-cracking friend making jokes.

Try using these tags: balboaisland, frozenbanana, frozenbananastand.

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Ruby's Shake Shack

Ruby's Shake Shake at Crystal Cove, Newport Beach

Betsy Malloy Photography

Ruby's might be the most scenic ice cream/burger stand in California. It's so cute all by itself, with that cheerful yellow paint. It also has fantastic views and a lovely patio. And plenty of opportunities to photograph your food, if you're into that.

Check their menu and hours

Try using these tags: rubysdiner, roadsideamerica.

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Crystal Cove Cottages

Crystal Cove Cottages, Newport Beach

Betsy Malloy Photography

These oceanfront cottages are too darned cute. And it's nearly impossible to get a reservation to stay in one. If you want to try your luck, you can find out how to do it here.

This photo was taken from Ruby's Shake Shack on the cliffs above Crystal Cove.

Try using these tags: crystalcove, beachcottage.

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