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While some Instagram users find the use of hashtags to be bothersome and excessive, they actually serve a purpose by effectively categorizing the platform’s wealth of content and connecting like-minded individuals. There are hashtags for virtually every vertical, including culinary, sports, entertainment and more – but our favorites have always been those specifically ​dedicated to travel.

Following the top travel hashtags (and using them on your own relevant photos) helps to not only discover some of the most spectacular destinations on earth, but they also keep the wanderlust alive, serving as a constant source for inspiration. Many of the most beloved travel hashtags were started by prominent publications and travel brands, others by bloggers, and some were simply the natural product of a passionate community of travelers. No matter how they took root, read on to discover the top travel hashtags that should be on your radar.

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#VacationLikeAPro by TripSavvy

We may be a little biased, but our own dedicated hashtag, #VacationLikeAPro, showcases thousands of images from breathtaking spots around the globe. True to our mission, most of the images shared are from local experts and savvy travelers worldwide. Want to share that secret beach you discovered in Bermuda last summer? Add the hashtag to your own posts and we'll shave our favorites.

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#PassionPassport by Passion Passport

Coined by Zack Houghton, founder of the immensely popular travel community known as Passion Passport, #PassionPassport is another hashtag to keep in mind when looking for wanderlust-worthy imagery. Everyone from amateur photographers to seasoned professionals use this tag to share the most striking photos from around the world, and you will be surprised what travel intel you can gather from searching this account's images. With over 18 million posts featuring the hashtag, you’re sure to discover some new favorite vacation destinations while scrolling along.

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#TravelDeeper by AFAR Media

​AFAR, the admired travel publication established in 2009, launched ​the #TravelDeeper hashtag and created an engaged community of global travelers in the process. With over five million photos posted with the #TravelDeeper tag, it’s a surefire way to discover photos featuring far-flung escapes, curious cuisines, and everything in between. Again, the team at AFAR uses the hashtag to source user-generated content for their own feed, so hashtag away!

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#BeautifulDestinations by Beautiful Destinations

If you’re not one of the 11 million people already following the Beautiful Destinations account, then it’s time to jump on the bandwagon. Their branded hashtag, ​#BeautifulDestinations, features a curated compilation of Instagram’s most vibrant travel content. Think luxury resorts, breathtaking vistas, and lush locations around the world that will immediately claim a top spot on your list of dream destinations.

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#LiveAuthentic by FOLK Magazine

#LiveAuthentic is one of the most popular travel-specific hashtag on the list, boasting more than 27 million photos and videos – that’s a lot of content! Popularized by FOLK Magazine, the theme for this particular tag skews toward the great outdoors and rustic wonders of nature. Think majestic mountain ranges, picturesque campsites, starry night skies, towering trees, winding roads, and more. While you’re at it, make sure to read the captions, which typically include inspirational quotes and thoughtful pieces of advice.

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What makes the #FromWhereIStand hashtag one of our favorites is the sheer creativity you find when gazing through the collection of nearly 5.5 million posts. As the name suggests, Instagram users are encouraged to share content showcasing the views from their physical location, lending itself to some truly unique perspectives. What better way to induce a bit of wanderlust than being able to imagine yourself standing in someone else’s shoes?

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#TravelStoke by Matador Network

Introduced by Matador Network, the world’s largest independent travel publisher, #TravelStoke was launched in 2013 to connect travelers from all across the globe. Today, the hashtag includes 6 million posts that highlight a diverse mix of content ranging from landscapes to local culture and everything in between. It is definitely worth taking a peek when trying to decide where to visit during your next vacation.

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#DameTraveler by Dame Traveler

Dame Traveler is a notable blog dedicated to “inspiring and empowering women to travel more, do more, and be more” and their #DameTraveler hashtag certainly lives up to that mission. The account’s Instagram has a refined aesthetic that instantly puts their followers at ease, often depicting photos of traveling women in the foreground or background of a beautiful vista. Think airy imagery, soft pops of color, and the world’s most incredible places. The hashtag also stays true to this theme and will inspire any traveler to get out and see the world.

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